Danny Briere Pushes Philadelphia Flyers Past New Jersey Devils with 2 Goals

Ian BarryCorrespondent IIIApril 30, 2012

Danny Briere struggled to produce offensively during the regular season. Even with regular season struggles, Briere was expected to be a major force in the playoffs. Briere proved on Sunday that, even during a down year, he can still produce in the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Flyers got off to an absolutely horrible start against the New Jersey Devils.

It is typical for the Flyers not to start games well, but the team was hoping to have fixed their problems during their time off.

The Flyers were down by one goal at the start of the second period, which was actually a big improvement over the three-goal deficit from Game 1 in the Pittsburgh Penguins series.

Almost halfway through the second period, Briere got a stretch pass in full stride and was able to streak in behind the defense. Just as he did against the Penguins, Briere started the comeback with a breakaway goal. This time there was no question of the play being onsides.

The game later went to overtime tied at three goals a side.

Several minutes into the overtime period a centering pass went off of Briere’s skate and into the net, which almost ended the game.

The Situation Room in Toronto ruled that Briere used a distinct kicking motion, but that was not his intent.

In the video, it is obvious that Briere sees the puck coming and sees a chance to deflect it on net. Just as all players do, Briere turns his skate well before the puck gets to him, so if the puck hits his foot it will be directed towards the net.

Unfortunately for Briere, as the puck hit his skate, his foot hit a spot in the ice and his edge lost contact with the ice.

If Briere’s skate would have stayed down as planned, the goal would have been upheld, but the unlucky bounce had it taken away.

Determined to win the game, Briere continued to pressure the Devils and helped the Flyers create constant scoring chances in the overtime.

At almost five minutes into overtime, Briere fired a rocket from the blue line that Brodeur was unable to get a pad on.

Briere always finds a way to get the puck in the net, and even if he is kept from scoring at first, he will eventually get his goal.

The heart and determination that Briere brings to the Flyers has to be contagious and is what helps the team make all of their comebacks.

Regardless of the situation, Briere will always find a way to score in the playoffs and will be a big part in the Flyers advancing.