Debating over Who Will Win the Super Bowl—and the Fans' Money

Bernie and Pat MorrisCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

Bernie: Well, well well.  We meet again

Pat: WOW.  Holiday eating got to you a bit. Eh Bern?

Bernie: Just once, can you not talk about my weight….and focus on football

Pat: Yes. If you promise just once that you don’t turn on Gossip Girl during Monday Night Football.

Bernie: I can’t believe you went there

Pat: Oh, I went there.

Bernie: Alright, whatever.  Time to talk about the Super Bowl!!!

Pat: Not that excited for it, I gotta admit.

Bernie: Well it’s football and I am excited.  The Cardinals might actually win their first championship ever.

Pat: Kinda the way you felt when you first started dating Mary Louise last year huh Bern?

Bernie: Pat, she is my wife and has been for 10 years. Would you stop it?

Pat: I like the Cardinals, because I always enjoyed a nice red wine.  Red Wine=Red bird.

Bernie: Okay.  Well who do you think will win?

Pat: Gotta go with Pittsburgh.  Their defense reminds me of what my ex wife used to do when I would want to snuggle.

Bernie: LOL.  Yeah< I can see that.

Pat: I don’t see Kurt Warner being able to hold up, which makes me sad.

Bernie: Because you love him?

Pat: I love the idea of him winning, yes.

Bernie: So what about Ben?

Pat: Affleck?

Bernie: Roethlisberger.  Seriously, are you sure you are not gay.

Pat: Pretty sure, yeah. 

Bernie: What do you think about the Eagles losing?

Pat: I think it’s wonderful. That state has won enough championships. Phillies just won the World Series.

Bernie: Um…..Patty—are you sure you really want to say that?

Pat: Um….Bernie—YEAH. Time for another state to win it. Damn PA fans.

Bernie: So…what you’re saying is, you want Arizona to win then.

Pat: Uh, NO. That is NOT what I am saying. I want both teams to do well.  I am rooting for both.

Bernie: So then if Pittsburgh wins, then you do realize, PA wins another championship.

Pat: Um. How in the hell do you figure?


Pat: You continue to yell at me I will destroy your face.

Bernie: You are ridiculous! How did you not know that.

Pat: Hey my fourth grade teacher was hot. I didn’t always pay attention to what she was saying.

Bernie: Pat, this is something you just don’t learn in fourth grade, I am ashamed.

Pat: Cause of your Mama? Is that why?


Pat: I do remember something though from fourth grade.

Bernie: Please, do tell.

Pat: Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania.  I do remember that.  Nice try though.

Bernie: (blushing BIG time): Um..welll I was just angry- I knew that.

Pat: haha. You’re so odd looking when you blush.

Bernie: I miss football already.

Pat: I miss Hilda.

Bernie: Who?

Pat: This chick I met off match.  She pretty all that. Loves football.  Even plays it!

Bernie: Wow, she sure sounds like a keeper.

Pat: So does your mom.


Pat: I am going with the Cardinals.

Bernie: You make no sense. Well so am I.

Pat: But Pittsburgh will win.

Bernie: Nope.

Pat: Yep.

Bernie: Let’s bet on it.

Pat: I already have won every bet.  I am amazing like that.  Call me cool hand Pat.

Bernie: Oh dear lord….


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