WWE Opinion: This Is the Perfect Time for the Miz to Turn Face

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMay 3, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

The only way the Miz could regain the superstar status he had last year is to turn face. 

In the past year, the Miz's stock in the WWE has dropped faster than BP's did after the oil spill. He went from headlining WrestleMania 27 against the face of the company to being involved in a six on six tag team match. Although he got the final pin in the match, he did it against a bunch of mid-carders and jobbers. 

The Miz has not shown up on some recent episodes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, and if he has, it has not been a relevant appearance. Last year, there was at least 20 to 30 minutes of time allocated to the Miz. Whether he was a tag team champion, United States champion or WWE champion, he was always around. 

The problem with the Miz is the fact that he can not be sold as a heel anymore. Even when he was on his epic run last year, he usually received heat from angry children and sports fans that opposed the Miz's view about their team.

The reason is because the Miz was and still is the type of heel that dies out very fast. As WWE champion, he only successfully defended his belt cleanly against Jerry Lawler once, other than that, he either cheated or used the assistance of Alex Riley.

The Miz does not have the ability to carry a match the way most heels have to. He also doesn't have the look of something with absurd strength that can just dominate a match like Mark Henry. The only thing he was able to do is act like a coward in the ring and somehow pick up a victory and that got stale really fast. 

At this point there would be no reason to change the type of heel the Miz is because the damage has been done. What needs to happen is for the Miz to make a big time face turn the way Sheamus did over the summer. 

Sheamus was in a very similar situation to the Miz. He won the WWE title twice and then he fizzled away into mediocrity. It was not until he turned heel that Sheamus began to gain steam and become a big name in the company again.

This type of move would benefit the Miz even more than Sheamus. It would also benefit the WWE because the Miz is a bigger draw outside of the company than inside. If he can make it back in the spotlight within the WWE, he could continue to show up on late night or daytime talk shows and promote the company the way he did when he had the belt around his waist. 

A face turn would not only benefit the WWE from a business standpoint, but it would also help the company out with their programming. Other than CM Punk, John Cena and Sheamus, there are not many big name babyfaces.Sooner or later the feuds are going to get so stale that the WWE would be forced to turn a couple of big name stars face, and the Miz should be the first one to make the change. 

Let's not also forget the fact that the Miz is going to star in the new WWE films production, "The Marine 3." He does not necessarily have to turn face to be apart of the movie (Ted DiBiase Jr. was not), but both DiBiase and Cena were very over with the crowd when their movies came out. 

The Miz has the microphone skills, the charisma, and that sub-par wrestling ability that would make him a perfect face. If the WWE wants to maximize the most out of the "Awesome One," then a face turn must happen as soon as possible. 


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