Kennesaw State Basketball: Kevin Cantwell Suing over Alleged KSU Job Offer

Blake SilversAnalyst IIIMay 3, 2012

Were college great Kenny Anderson and former Georgia Tech guard Jon Babul set to be a part of Kennesaw State Basketball?  According to Bobby Cremins' former assistant Kevin Cantwell, this Tech trio was set to take over the KSU program. He had even began unofficially recruiting the area.  

According to an article by USA Today, Cantwell was offered the KSU job in February of 2011 by his next-door neighbor and close family friend Daniel Papp, who is the president of Kennesaw State.

Cantwell is claiming that the offer took place in Dr. Papp's living room on February 16, 2011. It was later withdrawn unexpectedly during a conversation in April at their mutual property line as Cantwell was doing yard work.  

The 14-year former Tech assistant coach is now suing the Board of Regents over the reneged job offer.

He said he had already begun gathering a staff of former Georgia Tech stars, including Kenny Anderson and Jon Babul.     

The specific damages of the suit have not been outlined, but Cantwell claims he was offered $340,000 in salary for himself and assistants, and he claims that he had even begun recruiting the area prior to being officially hired, which, if true, would be an NCAA violation.

 "I kept Dan informed of what I was doing on behalf of Kennesaw State, and not once did he tell me to slow down," Cantwell said about his pre-employment recruiting period.  

Cantwell also told reporters that he "didn't want to do this to the school or [Coach] Lewis, but I had no choice. This put my wife and I in a serious financial bind." 

A statement on the incident has yet to be released by Kennesaw State University or by Dr. Papp.