Dallas Cowboys: A Poem From The Heart

Romo to WittenCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

Another season has passed without even a chance,

To go to the game that we call "The Big Dance"


We looked just as bad as we did in '07,

Even a playoff birth would've been like heaven


But not with this team, which crumbles as fast,

As the same Cowboys teams from 12 years past


Camp Cupcake has failed, yet Wade is still boss,

But we'll turn this around, no matter what cost!


For Jerry's got pockets deeper than the rest,

Even if all his money has not acquired the best


"That's my quarterback man," T.O. has whined,

As he sneaks up to stab Romo from behind


The secret meetings, the lack of coaching,

The gun in Pacman's hand is still smoking


The bad special teams, the lack of hits,

The way Romo stares at Jessica's....hair


We need order, we need Ray Lewis,

Anyone willing to say, "We can do this!"


There are no leaders, we have lost all hope,

This team has become the artists of choke


What happened to Aikman and others that cared?

He showed up on time, and was always prepared


Roy Williams (the safety), has no coverage skills,

Yet Jerry has paid him some serious bills


Romo's little pinkie, Barber's baby toe,

The defense all asking, "Which way did he go?"


Flozell's 30 false starts, Ware was offsides again,

Playing like a bunch of boys and not like men


Deliver like a postman, through snow and through rain,

Even if Jerry Jones forgets to catch the team plane


I pray next year is different, I can't stand it any more,

I don't care if they want to show T.O. the door


This ain't Parcell's team, even though he created 'em

Hope they play better in the billion dollar stadium


I'll still show support, still act like I care,

Man how I miss Jimmy Johnson's fake hair...


Hopefully next season doesn't end with me cryin',

Look at the bright side, we could be the Lions!


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