Edge and Jeff Hardy vs. Christian and Matt Hardy?

Casey AdkinsContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

Picture if you will, two of the greatest Tag Teams in WWE history facing off again?

OK, you done? Good

Now to most people who have been watching for awhile, they would think Demolition vs The Rockers or something in the like. However, I am talking about Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz.

I have been a fan since '98, so I have seen these two square off on numerous occasions.

If you watched the Royal Rumble, you would know that Matt and Jeff could never work together (right now). So lets just say you switch Edge with Matt. So now it is Jeff and Edge vs Christian and Matt.

You must be saying, "How can this happen when: A) Edge is a heel and Jeff is a face, and B) Christian isn't under contract."

I will get to reason "A" a little bit later because that is how this whole thing is gonna work. There is one thing that nobody knows in the Internet wrestling community: Is Christian with WWE or not.

There have been rumors flying from every source imaginable (including TNA President Dixie Carter) that Christian is with WWE, but no one has been able to confirm this. He was backstage at the Royal Rumble, and we all know how that turned out.

Back to the topic now.

I believe that he is under contract, but opinions go both ways, and I am going under the assumption that he is under contract.

Now to the main purpose of the article: Reason "A."

Here is how it works: Matt goes on a rant about how he is all jealous about how is brother is always the one getting noticed. He mentions that he hired someone to get rid of Jeff. He says that this person is much in the same boat as I am.

So now the tension is built, and we are waiting to see who it is, and who should come out but...EDGE!

Edge comes out and is like no, you didn't bring HIM back. Matt then tells Edge to look behind him, and then out of no where, an Unprettier, and the crowd roars in excitement and it is Christian.

Fast forward to after NWO, Edge loses the title, and blames Christian for it due to the Unprettier weeks before. Edge somehow gets a rematch, but Christian costs him that one too.

All this time, Matt and Jeff have been having matches the whole time. Matt is winning the feud, so Jeff comes up to Edge, and is like, "Man, we are both getting our a$$es kicked by our own flesh and blood. We need to work together." Edge refuses.

It is Edge vs Christian, and as Edge is getting beat, Jeff comes out and surprises Christian and nails the Twist of Fate on him. Jeff is like, "You need me, and you know it. It is a month before WrestleMania 25, and you know what you have to do."

Edge the next week with Vickie comes out to the ring, and announces that it will be Edge and Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy and Christian. The fans think it is gonna be a regular Tag Team match, but Edge finishes with saying, "IN TLC!!" The crowd roars.

The outcome of the match doesn't matter as it will be a classic, or we hope.

All in all, this match alone should make WM25 a must watch, but it might be all hype and Scott Hall (the Internet Wrestling Community should get this one).

This would even work with Edge having the title, but that is a whole different storyline all together.