WWE Rumors: Goldust Reportedly Released by the WWE

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IMay 6, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

It seems like one of the few remaining superstars from the Attitude Era has been released by the WWE. 

According to a report from WrestlingInc.com (sourcing PWInsider and F4WOnline) WWE superstar and former Intercontinental champion Goldust has been released by the WWE.

After the official WWE website transferred Dustin "Goldust" Runnels' profile from the Raw Superstars section to the Alumni section on Friday, PWInsider.com confirmed that he was released from his contract with the organization last week. An undisclosed incident at the April 24 SmackDown taping in Grand Rapids, Michigan led to his contract being terminated. He had been working behind the scenes since suffering a shoulder injury in December 2010.

Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and older brother to current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. During his wrestling career, Rhodes has flip-flopped between the WWE, WCW and TNA. 

With the WWE and WCW, he was a two-time United States champion, a one-time Six-Man Tag Team Champion, a three-time World Tag Team Champion, a one-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, a three-time Intercontinental Champion and a seven-time Hardcore Champion.  

It is not known whether Goldust will stay with the company and work behind the scenes, but it seems like it is the most likely scenario. If his shoulder injury is truly nagging him, then he might not take his talents to TNA. 

Goldust has not been around much lately, but his weird presence in the WWE will truly be missed. Hopefully, he sticks around with the company and makes an appearance here and there the way his father does. 


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