Even with Mats Sundin, Canucks Still Lack Leadership

Brian WaughCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

Things are not what they planned in Greater Vancouver.

Last night's 5-3 loss to Nashville was the Canucks' eighth straight at home and it gives a new meaning to the term home cooking.

There was carnage all over GM Place as the expected participants of the points posse started off well with a 3-1 lead in the first period, only to see it slip away,

The Canucks were outshot 12-4 in the first and it would seem that Roberto Luongo is getting back into his all-star form. But what about the others?

The Mats Sundin hire of three weeks ago seems to have not rounded into form and the shine is beginning to definitely fade off his aura.

As a leader in Maple Leaf-land in Toronto, he was always counted upon to say the right thing but, now on the West Coast and without a "C" on his sweater, things have changed.

On the recent All-Star weekend in Montreal, where the festivities were held to celebrate the great game, many of the players who were not selected to represent their teams went home to be with their families for a well deserved rest.

On Monday afternoon, when all teams were required to report back to their teams for first practice, media types asked players what they did with their three days off.

On of the Canucks, Mats Sundin simply answered that he and his fiance took a trip up to Whistler. He took a break, focusing his energies on getting ready for the second half of the season!


Mats needed a break after three weeks? There are issues of leadership and desire that continue to reign in Canuckland as the second half begins.