Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar Are Exactly What WWE Needs

Mike ShannonFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2012

All right, let's all try to forget about Extreme Rules for a minute.

WWE screwed up big time by not only having Brock Lesnar do the job for John Cena, but then also allowing Cena to cut a promo afterwards instead of the planned stretcher job.  Cena not selling his beating reportedly ticked Lesnar off big time and with good reason.  Brock Lesnar could really help WWE.

Lesnar, a former NCAA champion, WWE champion and UFC heavyweight champion, should be the focal point of the organization right now.  Forget this whole "well, he's only a part-time guy" argument—Brock Lesnar has earned the right (just like The Rock) to be a part-time guy.

The argument of "well, John Cena works his butt off all the time, so he deserves the top spot" is incorrect because John Cena (or anybody else in WWE for that matter) hasn't drawn money in recent years.  And that's what wrestling is about:  Drawing money. 

Forget this "hard work" junk that Cena apologists are throwing at you. Cena is loved by children, but no one buys PPVs to see him wrestle anymore. 

Brock Lesnar draws money.  He is a legitimate pay-per-view draw who brings eyeballs to televisions, and that's the purpose of professional wrestling.

With the addition of Paul Heyman, however, WWE might have captured lightning in a bottle.

Heyman is the David Koresh of professional wrestling, one of the best talkers in the business and someone who can pick up the torch for male managers that hasn't burned since the 1990s.  Heyman might not be a draw with his name, but he can talk people into a building like no one in WWE.  The lost art of the promo is something that isn't lost on Paul Heyman so long as WWE lets him have free rein.

Lesnar absolutely trusts Heyman as well, which is why this alliance is a positive for both parties.  Lesnar can trust Heyman to put him over big time during his absence, and WWE doesn't have to worry about fans forgetting about Lesnar. 

Lesnar should be absolute wrecking ball when he returns, and no one should be safe.  He should absolutely destroy HHH in the feud when his arm "heals" and laugh at the thought of a fading legend beating the former UFC champion.  Next, he should tap out Orton with a heel hook after Randy attempts his Punt of Death and set his sights on John Cena yet again.

Guys like HHH, Orton and Cena don't needs wins to stay in the main event anymore. The fans already see them as top guys without going over workers like Lesnar.  You're paying Lesnar $5 million per year, so you might as well use him to his full potential. 

You need to build Lesnar to a big money match with someone the fans buy as a legitimate threat.  Cena, Orton and the rest have all been on TV for so long that matching them up with Lesnar isn't going to move your pay-per-view numbers that much at all, but a match with the Undertaker or Steve Austin will.

Imagine Lesnar running roughshod all over WWE, destroying wrestlers, announcers and anyone else who gets in his way.  Hell, have him even win the WWE title and proclaim himself the best athlete WWE has ever, and will ever, produce.  Have Paul Heyman stand next to him and say that Lesnar has conquered the world of MMA and now he has conquered professional wrestling.

Then, the glass breaks.

Steve Austin has stated he wants one more match before he rides off into the sunset of Texas forever, so why not Lesnar?  A WrestleMania match with Steve Austin would be epic, and Austin is a guy Lesnar can trust to put on a good match with him.  Stone Cold could be WWE's savior one last time before heading off to the Broken Skull Ranch and retirement.

Or, if you prefer, when Heyman is running his mouth, the lights could all go out.  Suddenly, here is the Undertaker returning to stop Lesnar's path of rage.  You could show highlights of past matches where Brock Lesnar actually beat the Undertaker and have Heyman brag he'll easily do it again, only this time at WrestleMania.

That is how you effectively use Lesnar and Heyman: booking a feud like that could result in big dollar signs and more people watching your television show.  Heck, you might even get a curious UFC fan or two switching over to Raw to see who Lesnar is going to destroy next.

Ironically, Lesnar and Heyman need to destroy WWE in order to help save it.