WWE Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Brock Lesnar

Brett Gering@BrettGeringCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

Photo: GuySpeed.com
Photo: GuySpeed.com

Brock Lesnar, the personification of Sabertooth, is a 260-pound magnet for controversy. The latest news and rumors round-up fuels his spontaneously explosive reputation.


Once a Quitter...

Brock Lesnar has quit the WWE. Again. 

Lesnar's universally despised manager, Paul Heyman, made his return to programming after announcing his superstar's resignation.

The WWE undoubtedly curved the script to accommodate the limited number of appearances specified in Lesnar's contract.

Expect the polarizing behemoth to solely grace television screens at pay-per-views and the weekly shows narrowly preceding them. 


Rules Are Made to Be Broken 

Following WWE's critically acclaimed Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar reportedly thrusted backstage officials into a volatile situation. (WrestleScoop.com)

Originally, the WWE higher-ups told Lesnar that adversary John Cena would be stretchered out of the arena. Instead, the back-and-forth brawl concluded with a post-match promo for Cena.

If this was a test of temperament by the company, Lesnar bombed it.

Apparently, John Laurinaitis' assistant, Marc Carano, was trapped in the eye of the hurricane. Lesnar allegedly exclaimed his disappointment at Carano, feeling he was betrayed by the organization.

Considering his unpredictable personality and signature sword tattoo, it was only a matter of time before the former UFC champion got stabbed in the back. 


Lesnar Strikes with Surgical Precision

Following last week's Monday Night RAW, the WWE was optimistically cautious about HHH's well-documented injury. 

However, the tides in its glass-half-full outlook took a turn for the worst. 

James Wortman of WWE.com writes:

WWE medical officials were initially optimistic that the fracture in Triple H’s left arm could be treated non-invasively, but further examination revealed that the break, in addition to severe ligament and tendon damage around the elbow, would necessitate surgical repair.

As of this writing, it is not yet known how the WWE Board of Directors will respond to this sinister assault or what consequences await the former UFC champion. Rumors and speculation continue to swirl not only around the WWE Universe, but also the WWE locker room. 

If the chatter around the rumor mill holds true, HHH will get an opportunity to exact revenge at WWE's SummerSlam.