Arsenal or Aston Villa for Fourth Place

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2009

You don't have to be a genius to see that Arsenal are in a bit of bother at the moment, and that despite being on nine-game unbeaten streak are still five points behind fourth place Aston Villa.

In my opinion, Arsenal are more then capable of catching villa who again in my opinion will crumble and start to lose a game or two. Villa are on the run of their lives at the moment and no doubt deserve to be were they are. But for me the unbeaten run will come to an end when Manchester united, Liverpool and Chelsea come to play Villa.

I myself do realize that arsenal have got the challenge of United, Chelsea, and Liverpool but I think Arsenal will take more points from the top three then Aston Villa will.

As a connected matter even if Aston villa did finish in fourth place I think they would embarrass England by crashing out early. No offence to Villa fans but I don't think Villa can handle the champions league and they might not even qualify for the group stages.

They simply don't shout out Champions league, I mean Real Madrid at villa park would be ridicules. Villa finishing forth would be a disaster for the English teams chances of winning the Champions League.

I realize for all the years Arsenal have been in the Champions league they haven't Won it once, However when it comes to the champions league Arsenal are able to put on a great performance, however as Aston Villa are barely surviving in the UEFA Cup I  really see them struggling.

Here are the remaining fixtures for both sides.

              Arsenal                                                           Aston Villa

  1. West Ham (H)                                  1. Wigan (H)                    
  2. Tottenham Hotspur (A)                      2. Blackburn (A)
  3. Sunderland (H)                                 3. Chelsea (H)
  4. Fulham (H)                                      4. Stoke (H)
  5. West Brom (A)                                 5. Manchester city (A)
  6. Blackburn (H)                                  6. Tottenham Hotspur (H)
  7. Newcastle (A)                                 7. Liverpool (A)
  8. Manchester City (H)                         8. Manchester United (A)
  9. Wigan (A)                                       9. Everton (H)
  10. Liverpool (A)                                   10. West Ham (H)
  11. Middlesbrough (H)                            11. Bolton (A)
  12. Portsmouth (A)                               12. Hull (H)
  13. Chelsea (H)                                    13. Fulham (A)
  14. Manchester United (A)                     14. Middlesbrough (A)
  15. Stoke (H)                                      15. Newcastle (H)

Can Villa crab that last champions league spot or will Arsenal grab it? Cast your vote and if you would like to leave a comment that would be great.

As always, hope you enjoyed the read.