WWE: Can Kharma Save the Divas Division When She Returns?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

There are two constants in a WWE Divas match these days.

One is the inevitable bathroom break; that moment when nearly everyone in the room suddenly begins moving, as if rehearsed, rising from their seats and heading to use the facilities, or perhaps to get a snack.

That one has been happening for years now.

The other is the anticipation of an eerie laugh followed by ominous music and the eventual appearance of Kharma as she heads to the ring and proceeds to destroy everyone in her path.

That one has been happening since the moment that she signed a WWE contract.

Though her time in the company was just a flicker, until she left due to pregnancy, Kharma’s impact is still being felt today.

Why?  Because of her ring skills?  No, the fact is, she is the equivalent of a male power wrestler, a worker who relies on high-impact moves rather than using technical abilities to entertain the fans.

Is it because she is so good on the mic?  Quite the contrary, Kharma rarely spoke during her time in TNA, and said even less in WWE.  She’s no Dusty Rhodes, that’s for sure.

The real allure of Kharma is the fact that she is a phenomenon.

She is big, strong and physically dominates every other Diva in WWE.  Her sheer presence alone is enough to get the flashbulbs popping and the Internet sites buzzing.  Fans all over the world know who she is, though she spent no more than 15 minutes in the company.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that she is a she.

A woman being an attraction in this business, and especially in WWE, has typically needed two things: sex appeal and a great body.

The only exceptions to this rule have been Chyna and Beth Phoenix, who both are surely not lacking in either category, but whose most bankable assets are their strength and size.

Kharma has those assets, a dangerous edge and a mean streak a mile long.  One look at her and fans know that she is something special.

She is such a phenomenon that WWE crowds are still waiting for her to return.  This was especially evident last week at Extreme Rules, when Divas Champion Nikki Bella found herself without an opponent after Phoenix was not cleared to compete.

Eve, who is now John Laurinaitis’ executive administrator, informed Nikki that she did have to wrestle against another challenger.

Admit it, who did you think she was talking about?

WWE acknowledges Kharma’s presence on a pay-per-view because Vince McMahon knows that despite what Divas he puts in the ring, she is the one attraction that will brings real interest and spark to that division.

But can she save it?

Can Kharma, all 5'9'', 272 pounds of her, single-handedly resurrect a Divas division that has been dead for so long?

Let’s be honest, it’s an unfair question.  Can one Superstar be the saving grace for any division when the booking is so poorly done?

Thirty-second matches, virtually no mic time, silly gimmicks and meaningless storylines.  This is the life of a WWE Diva.  How can any of us believe that it would all change due to the presence of just one worker?

Perhaps the biggest issue with the booking of Kharma when she does return is the fact that she will need an adversary.  

The top star, whether heel or baby face, needs an equally big star to face off against.  There is no drama when someone is so good, so dominant, that no one can stand toe-to-toe or be a real threat to their position of power.

Hulk Hogan may have been the undefeatable monolith at the top of the WWE mountain, but his rouges gallery were always there and always just on the edge of tearing him down.  Roddy Piper, King Kong Bundy, Ted Dibiase, Paul Orndorff and many others may have never dethroned Hogan, but they were men that fans viewed as legitimate contenders.

John Cena may be Superman, but he is not infallible, as his own assortment of antagonists have wreaked havoc on him in so many ways over the years.

Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, Wade Barrett and the Nexus, JBL, CM Punk, they all gave as good as they got from Cena, and they all did their part to not only put him over, but make their own way in the process.

Who will Kharma have when she comes back?  Who will be the yin to her yang?  

Who will oppose her and make fans believe that it could go either way, providing some real drama that WWE can build around for the months that follow?  The rivalry with Beth will undoubtedly be great at first, but what happens after that?  

The WWE Divas Division is in such a complete mess that I for do not believe that even Kharma can fix it.  The real problem lies with the company’s lack of desire to push it to a respectable place, and the level of talent that currently performs in it.

It’s a tough prospect because on one hand you have a Superstar who Vince wants, and WWE needs, in the mix.  For fans, there is always the fear that once she gets there on a full-time basis, she will eventually struggle due to lack of real competition and weak storylines that have plagued the Divas for such a long time.

Is Kharma capable of saving the Divas?  I believe that she definitely can under the right circumstances.   That one is easy.  Will she be given the tools necessary to make it happen?

That one?  Not so easy.