Can Eric Mangini Give the Cleveland Browns the Discipline They Lack?

Dan AldrichContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

There's no doubt about it. The Cleveland Browns once again needed a new coach. The only question is did they do it right this time? Only time will tell, but Browns fans do not want to wait another three years to see if it works out this time.

A decade of football and the Browns have yet to win a single playoff game. Yes they did make the playoffs once. What happened after that? They completely lost it the next year. It was the same case last year to this year. Once again Browns fans had something to be excited about and it all came tumbling down.

The main thing the Browns need is not talent, there is no lack of talent on this team. Only a lack of good coaching and most of all Discipline. The Browns did not play as a team in 2008, you just had a bunch of guys running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Yet we still saw the same dysfunctional "family" take the field week in and week out. They beat the Giants and thought they were all back to the way things were before and so did Romeo.

The problem is Romeo you have to keep pushing your players to do that, I mean that was laying the smack down on the Super Bowl Champs. You thought everything would be fine and didn't keep getting your guys ready like you did that night.

Every time something went bad Romeo would go curl up in the corner and cry like a little girl. Nice way to teach your players to be pansies which is what they looked like all season. Phil Savage didn't help matters with his teenage behavior.

Come on Romeo, get mad, get mean, get in your players faces every once in a while. Throw your headset and playbook on the ground, show the players who's in charge. Scream your head off and if they mouth back, well then say "Who's Your Daddy." You don't have to always do this, but get your message across and unite you team, make them realize it takes more than a superstar to win an NFL game.

Your job was not to be their friend, it was to coach them and make them a football team, not some joke on the football field. Now I realize not all this was Romeo's fault but the lack of discipline and just terrible clock management was the majority of the problems the Browns had. There were guys going around and running their mouths like they were invincible, trash talking should be saved for after the game. Yet nothing was ever done about it.

Now we talk about Mangini and his abilities to bring our team back to the glory days.Not all players enjoyed playing under Mangini which isn't necessarily a good thing. It does show that he can bring discipline to a team, but can he tone it down enough now to not tear another team apart? I myself don't like the hiring, the Browns did not look hard enough or long enough in their search.

Mangini brings all new coaches to the franchise. Almost all of which he has worked with before which means these guys have chemistry obviously. That should be to the Browns benefit and maybe get these guys in line. I wish Mangini luck and I will stand behind him either way. You don't have a big time frame to work with.

If you can't do it I don't see the Cleveland Browns existence around much longer. Good luck and I hope you do it right. This may be the last shot for Cleveland.