Cardinals Or Steelers?

Dan AldrichContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

I myself really believe that the Steelers defense is the biggest reason you win games most of the time. I think Ben is a little overrated, yes his numbers are good. If you watch most of his passes are short little dump passes and his WR's and TE's are good enough to run it around.

Not to mention they have Willie Parker. Either way it goes it's not going to be a blowout. It's going to be a hard fought game no matter what.

Woodley will be the biggest impact on defense getting around that line. Polamalu will end up looking like a human in this game.

The Cardinals will need to be creative because James is going nowhere, I'll give him 10 carries for about 32 yards if that. Don't be surprised to see a trick play in there somewhere to Fitzgerald. You know they have a little something for a rainy day.

The Steelers are going come out blitzing hardcore in that first drive or so and that could decide the outcome. If the line can hold it off then they will score some points for sure. Warner has proved that if there is a receiver open he will find them. He has a potential of a great game if that line holds up.

As for the Steelers offense, Ward is going to be used as a distraction most of the time, because they will be double covering him, and that will give Holmes and Washington a chance to get open. Let's hope Ward is running his routes well or they won't need the double coverage on him.

I look for a decent amount of points in this game, with Arizona being able to hold off the blitz for the majority of the game, especially because I don't see them rushing Polamolu too often, he'll be in coverage all night.

Final score: Cardinals-31 Steelers-27