English Premiere League: Survival Sunday Is a Sports Fan's Dream Come True

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IMay 13, 2012

Mancini is seeking to lead City to their first Premier League title since 1968.
Mancini is seeking to lead City to their first Premier League title since 1968.Michael Regan/Getty Images

Picture this: It's a cold winter's day as American football's season draws to a close. You open up the local newspaper and turn to the sports section—okay, maybe you just open up your laptop or iPad and click on ESPN or CBS Sports.

You scroll down the page, either with your eyes or with your cursor, and find playoff scenarios.  If so-and-so beats so-and-so, and other things break right, my team can win its division.

But wait, there is another way to earn a wild card spot.  

You pop your pop corn, get the remote and get ready to do some serious clicking about your cable system.

Well, on a Sunday morning in early May, a similar scenario exists, only these teams are not playing for a playoff spot—the playoffs are today.

Many of these EPL teams are playing for their lives, and here is the best part: They're all playing at the same time (10 a.m. EDT, broadcast live and simultaneously).

I know that soccer is not quite the most popular sport in the United States, but these kind of scenarios are the type that can draw the casual fan in.

The league title is up for grabs as Manchester City seek to win its first since 1968 by defeating Queens Park Rangers. Should City tie, it opens the door for Man United to retain the title, garnering their 20th Premier League championship.

UEFA Champions League is a tournament that features the very best in European Soccer, drawing from Barclay's Premier League and the other top tiers of Europe.

Wait a second, what is a top tier?

Glad you asked.

These leagues work on a promotion and relegation system, hence, the "Survival Sunday" moniker.

Not only are teams playing for a chance to win a championship but they are also playing to stay in the Premier League.  

The aforementioned Queens Park Rangers are a team that may be sent back to England's second league, the Championship. They currently hold a one-point edge on Bolton Wanderers who, should they beat Stoke City, would send QPR packing for England's second tier after a one-year stand in BPL if Rangers can't get a point off of Man City.

UEFA Champions League is generally locked up by the table's top four finishers.

However, with Chelsea's remarkable run to the final next week, they have already clinched a spot in Champions League despite their sixth-place stand in the BPL.

Arsenal currently sit third, behind Man United and Man City, who have already locked up their spots in Champions League for 2013. But the Gunners' hold on the third spot is tenuous, at best. They play away to West Brom, a middle-of-the-pack team.

Fourth-place Tottenham hosts Fulham, while Newcastle is away to Everton, a team that features Team U.S. goalie Tim Howard.

Those three sides sit two points apart as they battle for Champions League spots.  It could drive a sports fan batty—exactly what we all like.

So if you're into soccer, it's heaven on earth; if you are not, then this is just the type of stuff that could draw you in.