One to Grow On: Why the WWE Has Devalued the World Title

John Reid@JohnReidIVCorrespondent IIIMay 16, 2012

What does a WWE champion have to do to main event a PPV around here? (Image obtained via
What does a WWE champion have to do to main event a PPV around here? (Image obtained via

It took me a while to sit down and write this article. I had to let the fumes from my ears simmer down after watching what had to be one of the worst go-home shows for a PPV I've seen in ages, and this is coming from a guy who watches TNA every week!

If you don't know what I'm referring to, then congratulations for being one of the lucky ones who had something else to do to fill your Monday night while the rest of us got suckered into watching the abomination that was Monday Night Raw.

Usually, at the last show before a PPV, the promotions will put out their best stuff, giving the viewers reason to sacrifice next week's gas money on the program. So let me get this straight, WWE—you expect me to pay out of the wallet for your Over the Limit PPV after showing Johnny Ace (don't have time to spell his real name) slap John Cena in some act of intimidation? WTF was that?!

For the most part, RAW was a pretty good show up until the end. We had Paul Heyman confronting HHH, Punk and Daniel Bryan setting up their match (more on that in a moment) and even a showdown between the participants in Sunday's Fatal 4-Way match for the World Championship. You know, the matches that actually have guys who can actually wrestle?

But no—instead of promoting the championship bouts, we get the same old evil authority figure versus babyface heel that we haven't seen since, I don't know, a few months ago. (By the way, Austin vs. McMahon/ Cena vs. Bischoff and Punk vs. Johnny Ace say hello.)

Listen, I enjoy the WWE in the hopes that it will one day put up creative matches the way a fat girl hopes for a Friday night date.

I mean, if I'm watching any type of competition, isn't the championship the most important thing to fight for? Who cares if Johnny Ace gets the boot for losing to Cena, who is being booked like Super Cena all over again? Even if the rumors are true that Big Show will interrupt just so he can keep his job, this is total crap.

I know that Cena brings in the fans and the merchandise, and I'm not saying that he should not be in the main event. Yes, Cena/Rock and Cena/Brock should've been put on last in the past PPVs. But if the WWE ever wants to have us take its other stars seriously, then placing more emphasis on the title matches would be a nice start, especially for a throwaway PPV like this one.

Rumors are that Vince is looking for another replacement for Cena. Well how about selling the match between Punk and Bryan, two guys who have the ability to sell an event on both wrestling and promo skills?

Or how about the four-way match featuring stars like Sheamus and Chris Jericho, as these guys can make things very interesting. (Don't even try to sell Randy Orton as a main-event star anymore. No one who loses to Kane at WrestleMania deserves that status.)

It's further proof that the WWE cares more about being a soap opera than any type of competitive event. Yes, I know that the matches and feuds are planned in advance, but even still, the smart wrestling fan cares about competition for the belts and not who's keeping their jobs. Even in the Attitude Era, it was always about the championship first, and the other crap was saved for Sunday Night Heat.

Want to bring fans back WWE? Start caring about the legacy of your World titles...and that's One to Grow On!