Why Does Everyone Try To Discredit The Pittsburgh Steelers?

Leo HayesCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Copy and paste the question from above. It is because the Steelers are better than whatever team you support.

With this harsh reality in front of you, you have two choices, take it like a man, or the choice that many of you appear to be making. I will not apologize for being better than you. Deal with it.

Now this is not targeted at everyone, just those who are doing everything in their power to make it seem like the Steelers stole Super Bowl XLIII. Or anything else for that matter.

I realize some people have a true love for the game and the principle of potentially biased officiating bothers you, and you seek to find the truth. This article is not directed towards you.

Instead this article is directed to everyone out there with the irrational hatred of greatness, and even worse, the insane drive to deny the great their greatness.

To all of you I pose two questions.

First, how many times has your team won the Super Bowl? If it is less than six, stop complaining and deal with the fact that we are better than you.

Secondly, why do you hate the Steelers?

Do you hate us only because we are better than you?

Do you hate us because you wish you were us, but realize you cannot be?

Or do you hate us just because it is the popular thing to do?

Any rational being can realize there were bad calls on both sides of the ball in the Super Bowl. In fact, this is the case in every game. It is because refs are human and will never be perfect.

I will not get into the debate about any single call in this article. It is irrelevant.

At the end of the day you can say what you want and scream until you are blue in the face. You can do everything in your power, but you cannot erase the greatness that is the Steelers.

The Steelers have cemented themselves as the most dominant team in the modern era of football. What is worse for you haters is it looks like we can continue to excel in the NFL and separate from your mediocre team.

The only other teams that were even in the discussion, the 49ers and Cowboys, haven't done anything relevant in the league in over a decade. It doesn't matter if you are only one behind us, because we have won two Super Bowls since you have even won a playoff game.

Winning two Super Bowls in four years means that not only are the Steelers the best team historically, but they may also become the most dominant currently playing (though at the time I still cannot rend that title from the grasp of the Patriots no matter how hard I try, but it is close).

If the Steelers can manage to win one more soon, or before the Patriots win another, we will become the reigning NFL dynasty. The best historically and currently. That is something many just cannot deal with, so you take everything you can and try to knock down the Steelers.

To all of you who seek to tear down the Steelers' accomplishments I have just one thing to say to you. At the end of the day, if you can count your team's Super Bowl rings on one hand, you are worse than the Steelers.

Take it like a man.