Boston Red Sox Have the Best Bullpen in Baseball over the Last 10 Games

Christopher Benvie@CSBenvie81Correspondent IIMay 18, 2012

RHP Scott Atchison serving up some awesomeness.
RHP Scott Atchison serving up some awesomeness.Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It seems hard to believe, but Bobby Valentine is finally managing the bullpen the way we all thought he would be capable of.

On May 7, 2012,'s own highly respected Red Sox reporter Sean McAdam tweeted a very interesting fact: The Red Sox bullpen, as of that point in time, had posted just a 1.43 ERA over their last 13 games.

A tweet like that may fly under the radar for many people. However, it made me realize just how good of a job the relievers are doing in Boston.

After all, they've had to put in their fair share of work.

The Red Sox starters had been, and, well, have been struggling to get through seven solid innings night in and night out. Thus, the team has been forced to rely heavily on the arms of such players as Scott Atchison, Matt Albers and Franklin Morales.

That being said, the Red Sox bullpen has allowed just one run over the course of its last 14-plus innings of service.

That equates to roughly a 1.26 ERA, or best in all of Major League Baseball in that time frame.

It seems hard to wrap one's head around that fact. The Sox have been trampling out what feels like endless relief pitcher after relief pitcher, yet the fact of the matter is, that parade of relievers has been getting the job done.

Scott Atchison and Matt Albers have proven to be extremely valuable commodities throughout this young season.

Combining for 32 games and 42.1 innings of service, the duo has produced an ERA of 1.39 with a .866 WHIP. 

While the team still has a sub-.500 record, there are still plenty of bright spots on this lineup that deserve their ample credit.