WWE Needs to Free Dolph Ziggler from His Ball and Chain

Jordan RodewaldContributor IIMay 20, 2012

Unfortunately, it's not a new scenario.

In fact it seems to becoming more of a common occurrence these days. Over the past several years, WWE has taken numerous promising superstars and buried them on the roster.

One of the most recent examples of someone on the receiving end of this treatment is Dolph Ziggler.

From 2009 to 2011, Ziggler showed a lot of promise. He won the Intercontinental Championship and proceeded to go on a five-month reign. During this time, Ziggler developed his skills on the microphone and further developed his already impressive in-ring talent. During February of 2011, he would even go on to hold the World Heavyweight Championship for a total of 11 minutes and 23 seconds.

Despite the somewhat stupid storyline that encompassed Ziggler's reign—if you can call it that or even consider it legitimate—as World Heavyweight Champion, his career seemed to be soaring to new heights.

That's where WWE made their mistake.

It was at that point that the creative team should have written the end to the relationship between Vickie Guerrero and Ziggler.

Look, Guerrero was a great way to get heat on Ziggler. Her annoying antics and his association with her did a lot in terms of building him up as a heel character. However, the fact that well over a year later their relationship is still going—and showing no signs of ending—is preventing Ziggler from true stardom.

After his World Heavyweight Championship reign, Ziggler continued to be successful with Vickie by his side, winning the United States Championship and slightly adjusting his gimmick.

And when he adopted "The Show-Off" gimmick, I couldn't have been more excited.

He was cutting great promos and had put a unique spin on the typical, cocky heel gimmick. Seriously, how could you not enjoy him doing handstands or pushups before interviews? Not to mention his brilliant and hilarious in-ring antics.

During this phase I was starting to believe that they were slowly moving him away from his relationship with Guerrero. My beliefs were solidified when she adopted Jack Swagger as her new client.

I was excited. I was ready for Ziggler to become the next main-event sensation.

Then my hopes were shattered.

Since Swagger joined up with Guerrero, it's been nothing short of a nightmare for Ziggler. I have nothing against Swagger—he's another character WWE botched—but he has become another piece that's holding Ziggler back.

It's gotten even worse, too. Lately, Ziggler has found himself on the losing end of matches to guys like Brodus Clay and Santino.

What did he do to deserve this kind of treatment? Does Vince McMahon have something against him?

With a main-event scene that has become increasingly stale as of late, Ziggler needs to be freed from Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger. There's no question that he's earned it.

Introducing him to the main event on either Raw or SmackDown would put a new twist on things. It would bring new excitement to what otherwise seems like a pattern recycled time after time.

As I said, Guerrero is great at building heat for whoever she manages. Despite my dislike for her character, she does what she does, and there's no question she does it well. Ziggler, though, is beyond that. Let her turn her focus solely to Swagger and work on getting him over again.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Ziggler isn't ready for becoming the next big WWE Superstar.

But really, is there any harm in giving a shot to a guy who's put in his time and earned his due?

In my opinion, absolutely not.