Memo to Steelers Fans: Don't Forget Your Near-Loss to the Cowboys

Romo to WittenCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

Notice: The title of this article was changed on me. It did say "Steeler and Cowboy fans listen up" I did not write this to harp over the game between the two teams this year, but unfortunately the new title now gives that impression. You beat us fair and square. I am not bitter about that.

Let me start by saying this is not a Super Bowl article.

This is an article I am writing strictly as a defense to my Cowboys against every Cowboy-hating Steeler fan on here, that instead of commenting on the topic of an article, decides they must attempt to rip apart the entire Cowboys organization.

I don't like Pittsburgh, pretty sure most people get that by now. Pittsburgh fans don't like the Cowboys. I'm fine with that.

But every article I write, or comment I make, is followed by a Pittsburgh fan trashing myself for being a Cowboys fan, and the team I've followed my whole life.

Steelers fans want to keep saying how they won the big one, and the Cowboys don't have enough class and they don't make enough plays, Romo is crap, T.O. tears the team apart, their coaching you not think most Cowboys fans are at least half-agreeing right now?

We know our team is falling apart quicker than Janet Jackson's halftime outfits, but come on, give me a break.

You think your team is that much better? The Steelers who had to go through absolutely no one in the regular season? The Steelers team who had to beat what, an 8-8 team, then the Ravens with rookie Flacco, and finish it off with a controversial, last second win against a 9-7 Cardinals team?

You know the Cardinals are not that good, right?

I just wanted to bring to light how much better you think your team is than mine.

Week 14, remember that? When we played each other? That wasn't too long ago. That was in the middle of the Cowboys playing about as bad as they could...and do you by chance remember how mighty your Steelers team was that day?

According to Steeler fans, since your team is so much better, you should have pummelled us, especially since it was in Pittsburgh, which is by far the toughest place for a travelling team to play.

But I'm pretty sure, just like Kurt Warner handing Harrison the ball in the SB, it took a Romo INT to win that game for you. Am I right?

The Cowboys went into that game with their top two running backs out, along with their first and second string guard, and third stringer Tashard Choice ran for the second best rushing yards against Pittsburgh this year with 88, plus had an additional 78 receiving.

Your boy Willie Parker compiled a measly 25 yards on 12 carries.

As bad as my team is, and as bad as they played that day, they still were leading 13-3 with under 8:00 to go.

And if it wasn't for Romo, with a bum finger, throwing the ball right to Townsend with 1:40 left, who knows how that game would have ended.

Pittsburgh didn't beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys beat themselves (Sounds familiar Arizona, doesn't it?).

Steelers fans can continue to bash on the Cowboys all they want, just remember your team is a dead equal as far as how good you actually are.

The only decent teams you beat during the year was Baltimore twice, New England (without Tom Brady), and that's it, since I keep hearing how bad Dallas really is.

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win, which was nothing more than a road travelled through a bunch of average nobody teams, by an average Steelers team.

I was hoping to see two titan teams battle it out in this year's Super Bowl, like last year's.

Instead we just got to see how Clark Kent-like the Steelers really were, having to go to the final seconds to beat the lowly Cardinals.

Feel free to continue to rip on the Cowboys, and tell me how bad and horrible they really are. And then just remember we had you beat in Week 14, before the meltdown.

You're as average as we are.


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