WWE RAW: Where Is the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan Angle Going?

Mark Pirie@markpirieCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

"I kinda dig crazy chicks"

The simple few words set by WWE Champion CM Punk that has set up the classic WWE love triangle.

After A.J. had been publicly dumped by Daniel Bryan, she seemed to develop an infatuation with the Best In The World. Now the Bryan/Punk angle looks set to take on a whole new angle.

Although I was initially frustrated by the ending to their match at Over The Limit, it now makes perfect sense. The dramatic conclusion leads to Bryan's clear claims that he has a case for the title after making the Second City Saint tap out, but still serves to not hurt Punk's credibility as champion after scoring the pin.

It's also good to see a submission specialist area of Bryan's character getting a chance to shine through. Over the past few months (in classic heel fashion) he has been booked as a coward, who was lucky and karma had struck him down in 18 seconds.

Now we get to see this great wrestler for what he really is.

This has been bubbling for a while, but as CM Punk embraced his rival's former girlfriend it became clear one of two things was going to happen.

First, this could result in the diva he now has following him around screwing over her former boyfriend at the inevitable Punk/Bryan rematch.

The more likely situation is that A.J. will cost Punk the title at No Way Out. AJ. .is being built as an unpredictable diva whose loyalty to Bryan is consistently clouding her judgement. Mix that with the Best In The World's sheer bluntness towards A.J., and you're one match away from losing your title.

This feud has split opinions and loyalties, but a Daniel Bryan victory could lead to a string of epic encounters like the match at Over The Limit. Therefore, should we welcome the title change?



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