The Undertaker: The Greatest Gimmick of All Time

Hector De JesusCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

No other character epitomizes the wonder, the excitement, and the majesty of the WWE quite like the Undertaker.  For almost 20 years the Deadman has unleashed a trail of bodies, built up a PHENOMenal fanbase, and given us as many memorable moments befitting a Hall of Fame-bound Superstar as any.

Now you might ask me, wonder?  What wonder has the Undertaker brought?  If you've ever witnessed one of his entrances, whether on television or live, you might understand what I mean.  His bell tolls, the flames rise, the eerie theme plays, his opponent cowers and the Phenom makes his way to the ring all the while there is a steady roar coming from the fans. You wonder what is the Deadman going to do once he enters that ring.

For me, his entrance is entirely enough.  His in-ring ability through the years from the time he debuted at Survivor Series in November of 1990 to the present has, at least, in my opinion been consistent. 

Sure, he doesn't do the Last Ride as often as some fans would like but, the man is 43-years old and being a pro wrestler for 25 years takes a toll on the body.  It's a wonder he hasn't retired already.  His move set isn't the question here.  It's the myth of the Undertaker, his legend.

Excitement?  Does anyone remember the Steel Cage match between Diesel and Bret Hart when the Undertaker burst up through the ring and dragged Diesel down costing him the match in 1996?  Wasn't that exciting? 

The famous Hell in a Cell match with Mankind?  The inception of the Ministry of Darkness?  The destruction of Kane at Wrestlemania 20? 

Yes, he is a man of few words, but I believe his actions speak louder than any words can say.  Any storyline Calaway is involved in, the anticipation and excitement has to build up. 

Did anyone expect him to bury Paul Bearer at the Great American Bash (I kind of did) in 2004?

His pyro, special effects, and all around presence bring forth the majesty of both his character and the WWE. 

We know the Undertaker is not from Death Valley.  He can't make lightning bolts shoot from his hands.  He can't rise from the dead.  An urn can't control him.  However, his mythos and dedication to his character and what he does makes the Undertaker one of the most beloved characters and gimmicks of all time. 

Mark Calaway is a Hall of Famer already in my book and he's not even my favorite wrestler, all time.

Can anyone think of a better gimmick who has accomplished more than the Undertaker?  Give me someone I can fear, love, grab my head in disbelief at what I just saw, or boo at the absolute perversion of something or someone completely wholesome and I might accept defeat. 

I can't think of anyone, can you?