Bears Training Camp Battles: Will Jay Cutler Survive with Offensive Line?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 22, 2012

When the Bears traded for Brandon Marshall, fans in Chicago may have finally got their wish, a legitimate number one wide receiver. They also got a big cheerleader who is not only promoting the greatness of Jay Cutler but also the Bears Super Bowl chances. 

The outgoing Marshall was recently on ESPN and told the network, “I think we’ll have a chance to win the Super Bowl,’’ the Bears wide receiver continued, about Cutler, ‘’It’s a quarterback driven league. And I’m putting a lot of it on Jay. Three years ago, Jay was a great quarterback. The thing that separates him from then is his leadership. He led us then. But now it’s just amazing.’’ 

One of the bigger questions in all NFL training camps is who will emerge as the Bears left tackle. Statistically, last year’s starter J’Marcus Webb was the worst LT in the NFL. Shockingly, the Bears did not address this dire need in the draft.  There’s been talk of moving Chris Williams over to left tackle but that may not satisfy Jay Cutler & the rest of the Bears quarterbacks who were sacked an amazing 49 times in 2011, fifth worst in the NFL. 

Going into training camp, the Bears will have a battle at the wide receiving position as well.  The big question is who will be the number 2 guy? Most say Alshon Jeffery, but incumbents Devin Hester, Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox will have a say this summer.