A 49er Fan's Prayer

t williAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2009

I'm not religious, nor am I a serious believer in sports superstition. However, I had an epiphany recently which caused me to write the following and paste it on my mirror, so I can read it several times a day.

I thought posting it on this website would further help the cause, in case God is too busy checking his email and blogs to catch the paper in my bathroom.

Dear sweet baby Jesus,

Please let my 49ers take the NFC West this season. Please have the red and gold take the nation by shock, the fans by sheer pride, and the haters can do whatever they want, because they secretly love the niners too. It’d be great to set some records, have an MVP, get some more Probowlers, and be compared to the greats: Montana, Rice, Young, etc.

In the memory of Walsh, and in the name of Singletary, Gore, and Willis, AMEN.


A faithful