WWE: Is the Chris Jericho Suspension a Way of Keeping Him?

Mark Pirie@markpirieCorrespondent IMay 25, 2012


As is the breaking news, Chis Jericho has been suspended for an incident at a Brazilian live event.

While getting ready to face WWE Champion CM Punk, Jericho held up a Brazilian Flag, crumpled it up, and kicked it away.

He was then informed by police that for this offence he could be taken to jail for his actions, leading to a public apology by Jericho to the crowd.

After viewing the videos from TMZ, the Brazilian crowd seemed to accept his apology and accept it as a bad guy playing the bad guy.

However, here we are with Chris Jericho indefinitely suspended.

The use of the flag has been a tactic of superstars for some time. Even at the last live event I attended, Drew McIntyre walked out in a Scotland soccer top in order to get a positive reaction from his hometown crowd, alongside celebrating with the national flag. It has also already been noted by many that Shawn Michaels previously violated a Canadian flag and received no suspension.

So what makes this case different?

Well, firstly, it is considered illegal by the Brazilian police force, and although Jericho did not directly mean to cause anything more than a few simple boos and an all-around heel reaction, you have to respect local customs.

Or, is that what we are simply being led to believe?

Jericho's tour of England with his band Fozzy starts at the beginning of June—therefore this could easily work into a storyline angle and a way to write him off television for a month.

This could mean we see him well past the Fozzy tour dates, prolonging his current stint with the company.

Although I believe this wasn't planned by Jericho and the company, I do believe it could have worked out for the best for both.