CM Punk, AJ, and Daniel Bryan: Mind Games in Matters of the Heart

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIMay 27, 2012

Courtesy of WWE
Courtesy of WWE

What exactly is happening between CM Punk and A.J. Lee? Between Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee? What, simply, is going on with A.J. Lee?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I can tell you this: If anyone had told me last summer that Daniel Bryan would have been a former world champion at this point, I would have thought it would have been against guys like CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

Yet it was Daniel Bryan who went against a giant in the Big Show and the world’s strongest man in Mark Henry.

Despite that, Daniel Bryan may be up against his biggest and strongest opponent in a once-too-often publicly-scorned A.J. Lee.

Or is he?

A.J. Lee has gone into attack mode on Divas who tried to comfort her and Divas who were supposed to be her friend. But again and again she has stood in front of Daniel Bryan as he tore her down and she never went fists of fire on him.

But is it that she hasn’t done it yet or is it that she will not do it ever?

Two times WWE has left in place the possibility of A.J. Lee interfering in PPV title matches involving Daniel Bryan. Both times she has been absent from ringside.

But she’s getting closer, isn’t she?

For the rematch with Sheamus, only the ghost of her WrestleMania participation lingered, but when Daniel Bryan faced CM Punk at Over the Limit, A.J. Lee showed up to talk to CM Punk.

And what about the WWE Champion CM Punk?

He’s not falling for what A.J. is doing, is he?

I would argue CM Punk has been at his best in his interactions with A.J. Lee. Early on, he’d look over his shoulder and give facial expressions that screamed, I’m in a horror movie. I know I’m in a horror movie. I’m getting ready to die, right?

The interactions with A.J. Lee have moved CM Punk away from his sometimes Cena-like status in WWE. It has taken him away from zingers on the boss, John Laurinaitis. It should, if you’ve been watching carefully, remind you that CM Punk is a crafty man who will take advantage of whatever he must to benefit his cause.

But is he taking advantage of A.J. Lee or is A.J. Lee taking advantage of him?

In their latest encounter, this past week on Monday Night RAW, CM Punk again appeared jumpy early on, but before the interaction was over, he had let A.J. in.




He embraced A.J. Lee.

There are instincts you have after watching years of wrestling. One would be that if A.J. has yet to go off on Daniel Bryan, to attack him, to pay him back, then she will eventually cost him or brutalize him for what he has done.

Another matter, however, is the root of Daniel Bryan’s WWE success. They gave him a title reign where every time you thought he would lose, there would be a Hail Mary save. Against giants, against stronger men, against all odds.

Is it possible, knowing the Daniel Bryan history, that A.J. Lee could, when you most expect her to get her revenge, present Daniel Bryan with the opportunity to become the WWE Champion? It is possible, knowing CM Punk, that he could use the A.J. situation to his advantage?

The character we know the least about is A.J. Lee, and that is what makes this a compelling story.

She was first presented as a victim, and truly she was abused by Daniel Bryan. Yet, it has also become apparent that Daniel Bryan never treated her with respect and that she was the first to say "I Love You" and rather than reacting because she was mistreated, she may well be reacting because she is, in the words of CM Punk, a crazy chick.

Before A.J. is done, she may have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on the same side. Or, if she happens to be walking down the hall and sees Kane without his mask, the two of them may jump into a car and ride off into a perfect and blissful and crazy happiness together.

Again, your guess is as good as mine.

This much I do know: A.J. Lee is going to do something sometime, and not only will it have an impact, it will clarify who she truly is in WWE right now.