Armageddon Hell in a Cell vs Elimination Chamber

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 5, 2009

I've seen many things get replaced in the WWE. We've seen ladder matches evolve into TLC matches, then regress to Money In the Back Match. Its your a ladder match with a briefcase ensuring a world title shot instead of an title hanging. Anybody remembers Armageddon 2000? We saw a match that we might not...correction, NEVER see again.

We saw an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match. Six superstars entered the cell for the WWE championship that night and only one came out champ of course. This was probably the biggest assembly of all time greats and future Hall of famers that ever existed in WWE. Kurt Angle would defend his WWE championship against The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, and Rikishi.

On a side note, if Rikishi were replaced, the match would have been 10 times better. We witnessed Undertaker chokeslam Rikishi off the top of the cell into a truck full of hay.

I cannot recall how the truck got there, but after that Rikishi was pretty much done. Pedigrees, Rock Bottoms, Stunners, and Angle Slams, we saw it all. Angle would ultimately walk out with his championship and it was great. I've always anticipated the next Armageddon Hell in cell since then...and nine years later, I'm still waiting.

I stopped waiting because I stopped being in denial and realized that this match isn't coming back, especially when a new match was born. Enter the anti-Hell in a cell, the Elimination Chamber. Hell in the Cell was supposed to keep  unfortunate superstars in the cage, yet they managed to find their way to the top from time to time.

The first Chamber at the 2004 Survivor Series was like anything we had ever seen before. It was designed to keep wrestlers in...and it did. There was truly no way out. I guess that's why they decided to have many Chambers at that PPV. We didn't see anyone get thrown off the top into a truck full of hay, but we saw glass. The same glass that the participants were inside before being released into the match was a weapon in itself.

Who won the first Elimination Chamber? If you guessed HBK then your correct. Both the Chamber and Armageddon HIAC both have six men what's the difference? The HIAC was just bigger, badder...better. In fact it was better than every single Elimination Chamber. Maybe the first Elimination Chamber could compete.

The Chamber has been used so much I think I've seen everything possible in there. They need to go out the box, and my box I mean go to the top of it or something. Now we have to just deal with this Chamber match, which was a great creation. If only we could see one more Armageddon Hell in a Cell? Who would you put in it? It would no doubt be great as the Hell in a Cell is the feud ender (see: Undertaker's cell matches).