Juan Pablo Montoya: Like a Kid With a New Toy "A Chevy With Horsepower"

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 5, 2009

If you never considered being one of the millions of Juan Pablo Montoya's fans all around the world and you watched him race the Daytona 24 with less horsepower than the Poches (thats how I spell it) and if you understand what a great race car driver does, you are probably a fan by now or maybe not.

Montoya is hard to take at times. He has plenty of attitude, but if I was looking for nice, I would  go to the shuffleboard tournament at the local retirement home or maybe just go to a poetry reading. Racing would not be my sport if I was looking for Mr. good dude (by the way he is a good dude).

I've been to every insider web site available and the rumors are the EGR team got plenty of horsepower. If that's true, there is nothing more dangerous than Juan Pablo Montoya with a good car (for the smarty pants: don't mean wrecking). He will win and win often.

I, as a long time fan Montoya, always had a hope he would come to NASCAR. This is his type of racing where he can bump and run. He always had great car control.

I'll never forget at the Michigan 500 (open wheel) race vs Michael Andretti, Juan bumped his open wheel car at 200+ miles an hour. tt was awesome. He won. It was three of the best laps in racing I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5AoTROb0H0

If the new Chevys are as good as rumored, it should be a good year for Earnhardt-Ganassi racing. I look for Bass pro and Target to be front and center in the chase with a chance to win it all.

Do I sound like I'm shamefully promoting Juan Pablo Montoya? Well yeaa!! I certainly can't count on the Sunday Fox crew to do that now can I? (Just a little backdoor shot ..wink..wink..)..(by the way, do watch the whole clip you will enjoy it)