Lakers-Cavaliers: My Problem With J.A. Adande

micah knows more than you about baseballContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

Okay J.J., when you are courtside commentating on the games, do you ever actually listen to what you're saying?

Because I noticed that near the end of a Cavs game you were talking about the Finals matchup of Cavs-Lakers.

A fine comparison to be made—now that the Cavaliers are officially among the best in the NBA, record-wise.

And you made another good comparison by saying that Mo Williams is the Pippen to Lebron's Jordan (never heard that one before).

But you may have pushed it just a little bit too far when you felt the need to say that you feel LeBron has an advantage over Kobe, who is playing without the injured Andrew Bynum.

Sir, Mo Williams is a fine player, but do you really believe that LeBron (who people have openly stated as a one-man team) has any kind of advantage over the Lakers, who have made such key acquisitions that they now resemble the Yankees.

Bite your tongue sir, bite it tight.