LeBron James' Triple-Double Selfish?: How He Got To Ten

micah knows more than you about baseballContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

Many thought such a big game from Mr. Big Game himself would be no difficult feat against the rebuilding Knicks franchise.

But a triple-double with 52 points? And they won by only five?

No way, right?

Wrong, dead wrong. Lebron did hang 50 plus on the ailing New York franchise. When there were about thirty seconds left in the fourth quarter, Lebron knew exactly where he was at in the way of the triple double.

He was one rebound short, but that cant stop the King.

A three is launched, and James cleared one or two of his own teammates out, and grabs the board before coming down awkwardly after falling out of bounds. 

This may be nothing to most people.

You must keep in mind that this is a young Cavs team, that may be developing some of their own attitudes along with their game. The last thing that the young Cleveland team needs is even a small disagreement in that locker room. 

We will all keep our eyes on this upstart team as the season progresses. We'll see how the team holds up.

Don't forget, Lakers-Cavaliers, Finals. Be there.