NBA Draft Lottery 2012: Which Top 10 Team Is Most Likely to Trade Its Pick

Hunter KonsensCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2012

NBA Draft
NBA DraftMike Stobe/Getty Images

When it comes to excitement, the NBA draft lottery didn't disappoint once again, as the New Orleans Hornets jumped all the way from their projected No. 4 selection to the first overall pick. With the final draft order in place, it is quite obvious that there are a few organizations not thrilled with their current placement, most notably the dismal Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Bobcats and Cleveland Cavaliers.

But, which top 10 team will, most likely, decide to trade their pick?

Well, this title is firmly planted on the Sacramento Kings franchise. 

The Kings, simply put, had a horrendous truncated season. Not only were they projected to be one of the top rebuilding franchises in the Association, but some, including me, projected this squad to even compete for a playoff berth. After all, the Western Conference has become significantly weaker since the departures of stars Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Carlos Boozer.

Nonetheless, this roster only won one-third of their exhibition matches, as the team finished with a 22-44 record. That earned them last place in a top-heavy Pacific Division. 

Sure, this team couldn't compete with the two powerhouse Los Angeles teams, but there is no excuse for them not defeating the Phoenix Suns or Golden State Warriors this year. Both organizations are much less talented and deep than the Sacramento Kings.

Which is exactly why everybody is so puzzled regarding the Sacramento Kings. How is this athletic, potential-filled roster not developing into a legitimate team?

Between franchise cornerstone center DeMarcus Cousins and the Oscar Robertson-esque Tyreke Evans, this organization has the tools to bring this franchise back to relevancy, a luxury Kings fans haven't experienced since the days of Chris Webber, Mike Bibby and Peja Stojakovic.

CousinsStephen Dunn/Getty Images

Well, one may be wondering why I would be predicting the Kings to trade their pick. The fact of the matter is the Kings don't need any more prospects.

A cast consisting of electric Isiah Thomas, sharpshooter Jimmer Fredette, high-octane scorer Marcus Thornton, Cousins and Evans should be enough going into the future. What the Kings really need is a veteran who can bring this roster together.

Over the course of the season, the Kings' off-the-court issues have taken precedence over their play. The most famous debacle of the season was Cousins' displeasure with former coach Paul Westphal, ultimately costing the coach his job.

By shipping their fifth overall pick to a team like the Philadelphia 76ers for combo forward Andre Iguodala, the Kings finally acquire a player to lead this unruly bunch.

Heck, maybe this roster can even become a team, a term I use quite loosely.

Additionally, the Kings are selecting at a position where the most intriguing prospects have already been taken. When David Stern announces that the Kings are on the clock, Andre Drummond, Perry Jones III and Harrison Barnes will be the best players on the board. None of these prospects fill a hole or are ready to contribute right away.

It would be wise for the Kings brass to pursue a deal for a wise, established veteran to guide this franchise back to the forefront of the basketball realm.