Deron Williams: Not an All-Star, a Superstar

Shanette SotoCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

For the third straight year, Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz was snubbed from the annual NBA All-Star festivities to the delight of many Utah fans. Every year it happens due to the excess talent out west, blah, blah, blah, but this year's snubbing is understandable. 

He was injured for 15 games, but the funny thing is after starting out still injured from the ankle injury and playing at 80 percent for a month, simply because he knows his team needs him desperately, his numbers are almost identical to last seasons.

But Deron gets no love.

As a consolation prize, the All-star committee kindly offered Deron a chance to defend his "skills" challenge, record-breaking performance, but Deron politely declined.


We all know the All-Star selections are primarily based on popularity, especially the fan vote, so automatically Williams is at a huge disadvantage there, because, well, he is in Salt Lake City, hello?

Most coaches' selections are based on the players with the best numbers and have little to do with team record, but in reality, it's all pretty much meaningless and based on the first half of a season's play, the MVP's, playoff teams, and everything else of relevance is decided in the second half of the NBA season.

In the past four games, Deron has scored 24, 35, 34, and 34 and all of this has come since his all-star snubbing.

Now you know why I and many of my fellow Jazz fans were as excited as kid on Christmas morning when they snubbed him for the third time.

In February 2008, he did something that only two other guys have been able to do in the history of the league(one of them being Magic Johnson and the other Kevin Johnson), it was scoring 1500 points, 212+ assists, and shooting 50 percent plus for the entire month.

We giddily welcome the snub.

This year our entire organization was snubbed, and we couldn't even get a body in the Rookie-Sophomore game, or worse yet, the D-league All-stars.

Wait, did Big Fes make it?? Ppfff...

And picking Rudy Fernandez over either Ronnie on our team, Price, or Brewer(your choice)in that joke of a sideshow they call the dunk contest, is the biggest snub of all in my opinion.

Aren't we glad Nate and Dwight will make it interesting, Rudy Fernandez? Yikes, that has Chris Anderson written all over it.

But like I always like to say, live and let die. Cest La Vie....If it happens, it was meant to happen and if it doesn't, the universe did not want it.

Could Deron be the best player to never make the All-Star team? At this pace, he could break some kind of record.

We might not have any of our players at all-star weekend, but since we have already had a tough season, this will be a good break for the Jazz. Plus, our overall record has been mediocre up to this point, at best, and I am not surprised.

All I really know is that killer Deron is fully back. That look in his eyes, that gives me the chills, is back, I've said it many times this season.

I see one game and I am convinced that he is back for sure, and then, the next game, it becomes even more apparent.

Can you imagine someone continually outdoing their last performance? That is what I have felt as I've been watching Deron over these past few weeks.

Some players start out hot and make the all-star team, while others take a little while to get warmed up. An all-star snub is the perfect way to light a fire.

He only gets better, every year, as the year goes on. His playoff numbers always exceed his regular season numbers.

It's factual data, he is a superstar, and he doesnt need your all-star sideshow validation, so keep the snubs coming!!