Dear Miz, It's Time to Redefine Your Character to Reach the Top of WWE Again

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 4, 2012

Oh, how the awesome have fallen!

The Miz–wait you may have to think for a second to remember who this Miz is, that I speak of—it’s okay—take your time!

Yep that is the guy, who stated several times how “awesome” he was, and at one point in time he actually was.

The Miz went from headlining WrestleMania XXVII (27) against, John “Super” Cena to almost being totally forgotten. It is crazy how things can change over time.

But was this kind of expected?

Nowadays, fans can get tired of things quickly and are immediately looking for the next “hip” thing.

Yes, The Miz has some awesome microphone skills, which he has honed and crafted over time to be his key trait.

The Miz still has some polishing to do when it comes to his in-ring work, but it is not that bad when you compare him to others.

The key thing Miz could work on is his stiffness or simply his execution when it comes to his maneuvers.


Although he needs to tweak his in-ring skills, this has not stopped him from putting forth some pretty good performances.

Okay, so what do we have when we examine The Miz: we have great microphone technique, decent in-ring abilities, and, oh yeah, The Miz can promote the heck out of anything!

This guy goes anywhere and everywhere for the WWE, which helped him launch his status to the top for the company.

So with these great positives for a guy like The Miz, why has he been black-labeled?

Honestly when Chris Jericho made his triumphant return, The Miz’s top dog status was being devalued by the minute!

Once Chris Jericho called The Miz out for swagger jacking/copying his style, The Miz should have begun a new transformation for his character.

Chris Jericho hit some valid points about The Miz “copying his style!”

From the suits, the slow monotoned speeches, the walk—simply put, The Miz imitated Jericho's whole style!


Fans began to look at The Miz very differently and began to think, “He jacked Jericho’s gimmick to reach the top.”

Now, I do not fully agree with this, but all wrestlers do take a little something from another performer, especially if you've worked with them closely!

I feel WWE wanted to fill the void of Jericho being gone, and they looked at The Miz and said, “Well, we could use him to be the new Chris Jericho.”

Regardless of what people may say, The Miz worked hard to get where he is at. You can tell he has a passion for the business, but sometimes entertainers have to face the truth.

So with that...

Dear Miz, it is time to switch up your style, it is time to show more aggression, it is time to redefine your character so you can be “THAT guy” once again.

Maybe switching him to SmackDown is the move he needs, especially since Randy Orton is serving a current suspension.

Maybe with a face turn, it would not hurt to see if he can deliver as a baby-face as well.

The point is WWE is in dire need of top guys that can draw and deliver, and The Miz can be one of those guys.

You can tell that Mike “The Miz” Mizanin aches for that spotlight once again, and he is going to have to re-earn it.  He will have to reach deep down and pull out some new fresh ideas to re-spark interest.

So Miz—step it up!