Georges St-Pierre: "Road to Recovery" Part 4

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IJune 5, 2012

Georges St-Pierre may be away from the Octagon recovering from a knee injury, but fans are anticipating his return with his "Road to Recovery" series documenting his rehabilitation.

In the fourth episode, St-Pierre is shown doing a variety of strength-related exercises as he prepares to come back later this year. 

He has been out of action since last October after tearing his ACL, and he is expected to face Carlos Condit, tentatively scheduled for UFC 154 in Montreal on November 17.

The UFC welterweight champion appears to be healing relatively fast and looks to be in top condition based on his training sessions.

If this is a glimpse into a re-motivated St-Pierre, fans can certainly expect a longer reign at 170 pounds, not to mention a potential move to the middleweight division.

As the champion continues to release his "Road to Recovery" series, there is little doubt he will perform at less than 100 percent when he returns, dismissing rumors regarding his longevity in the sport.

St-Pierre has always been renowned for his work ethic and his training regimen, ranging from gymnastics and plyometrics. He is considered arguably the top-pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

And if his documentary is any indication, St-Pierre may return stronger and better than before.