Every A-Rod Mistake Increases Jeter's Golden Boy Status!

Shashwat BaxiCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Alex Rodriguez has been considered by many as possibly the greatest baseball player of all-time. However, A-Rod continues to shoot himself in the foot by appearing in a variety of stories that portray him in a very negative light.

Since 2004, Alex has been a media target, and he has not disappointed his critics. In four years, A-Rod has been on the cover of major New York and national publications for almost every non-baseball story possible. Baseball beat writers in New York have made a living just reporting gossip stories about Alex!

He has made headlines for the "Ha" play in Toronto, for frequenting strip clubs on road trips, for the entire fiasco with Madonna, for his ugly break-up and divorce from his wife, and for his criticism of his teammates and coaching staff.

He has made headlines for leaving the 2008 All-Star Game halfway, for his decision to play for the Dominican Republic in the 2009 World Baseball Classic and for the A-Fraud/Torre incidents.

And, of course, now, he is in the news for a steroid controversy surrounding his 2003 MVP season!  

Ever since his total implosion in the 2004 playoffs, Alex has not really been a fan favorite in the Bronx, either. The fact that he has made headlines for stupid incidents doesn't help his popularity with the fans.

Yankee fans expect that soemone who makes over $25 million a year, would help lead the Yankees to the World Series. If anything, A-Rod has done the opposite by producing worse in during October than he does in June and July.

Because of his lack of production in key situations, Alex has had to deal with countless nights of being booed and jeered. It may have hurt his feelings, but A-Rod hasn't done anything to try to change that around.

Through all of this drama, Alex has continued to be an All-Star caliber player, has won 2 MVP awards, 3 Silver Slugger awards, the Hank Aaron award, and also hit his 500th career home run. Clearly, there have been some positive things that A-Rod has done in this four years as a Yankee, but those stats are not as important as winning another championship.

As Alex continues to lose popularity in the court of public opinion, Derek Jeter stands in the shadow and continues to win over the admiration of Yankee fans. Jeter has been the "Golden Boy" of New York since his rookie year, and his status only shines brighter when unfavorable stories are reported about his infield counterpart.

Critics of Derek Jeter insist that he is washed up and should no longer be the starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. They claim that his arm strength is depleting, his hitting ability is deteriorating, and he is just all-around getting old.

However, Jeter continues to infuriate his critics by putting up All-Star caliber numbers on his march to the Hall Of Fame. In the time that Alex has been on the team, Jeter has won the Hank Aaron Award, 3 Gold Gloves, and 3 Silver Slugger awards.

At this point, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are both on their way to the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame. Decades from now, people will not remember the side stories that plagued Rodriquez's stay in the Bronx. However, they will remember that Derek Jeter was the captain of the Yankees and had four more World Series rings than Alex Rodriguez did!