Russian Violence and Racism Mar Victory Against the Czech Republic

Chris WilliamsContributor IIJune 9, 2012

Gebre Selassie - Subject of Monkey Chants Last Night
Gebre Selassie - Subject of Monkey Chants Last NightClive Mason/Getty Images

Shocking video has surfaced after the Russia-Czech Republic game played yesterday in the Polish city of Wrocław.  Scenes of extreme violence emerged just hours after Russia’s 4-1 demolition of their Eastern Block rivals.

The scenes will be uncomfortable viewing for UEFA, who already have had to deal with questions surrounding monkey chants at a Dutch training camp.

The disturbing video clearly shows elements of the Russian support attacking two stewards inside the stadium.  One is surrounded and beaten to the ground where he receives a barrage of kicks to the head and stomach, while another steward, who steps in to help, receives kicks to the body and face.

Eventually, the attack subsides, and it is a Polish supporter who comes to the aid of his countryman laid stricken on the ground.

Pressure will now be on UEFA to ensure scenes like this are not repeated.  Once again, serious questions will be asked about the validity of hosting prestigious tournaments in the largely violent and fascist Eastern side of Europe. 

Russian club sides have some of the most fearful hooligan elements inside the UEFA circle.  Supporters from CSKA Moscow (Gallant Steeds), Spartak Moscow (Gladiators) and Zenit St Petersburg (Musichall) have the largest ultra presence.  Normally, their "fair play" element ensures their meets are pre-arranged and take place away from Stadia.  Last night’s episode looks to be a far cry from that on all accounts as they ferociously attacked stewards.


All of this will now bring extra scrutiny on the Russian support in the "Polkraine" who, this afternoon, have been embroiled in a fresh racism scandal.

Theodor Gebre Selassie (Czech Republic) was reportedly the victim of monkey chants during last night’s defeat against Russia, according to FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe), as well as supporters displaying numerous fascist flags from the Russian Empire group.

UEFA has said it remains committed to anti-racism and driving out hooligan behaviour.  If it finds grounds for a case against the Russian Federation, there may be strong calls for the country to face expulsion from the competition.

The horrific attack on stewards by Russian supporters can be viewed on YouTube via the link below: