Memo to Packers GM Ted Thompson: Draft Brian Orakpo

Steven FinchCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

The Green Bay Packers' defense needs help on the line. The glaring need for another pass rusher is evident. Just reference the 27 sacks, 9.5 sacks going to Aaron Kampman alone. This year with the ninth pick of the NFL Draft, the Packers select...Brian Orakpo, University of Texas.

With all the talk of Al Harris and Charles Woodson's age, most of the mock drafts show the Green Bay Packers selecting the corner out of Ohio State: Malcolm Jenkins. I understand their logic in that pick, but I honestly think that Harris and Woodson has at least two more years. Though they are going to have to learn zone defense this coming year.

The "bump and run" scheme is dead. Out with the old in with the new.

Transitioning to the 3-4 defense is going to be a hard task in itself. With Kampman moving to outside linebacker, we are going to need another lineman. Sure, Kampman will still be rushing the passer under the tutelage of Kevin Greene, and he should excel at that position.

Another name I have been seeing in mock drafts, is nose tackle B.J. Raji from Boston College. The need for another nose tackle is there, but it's not necessarily a priority because Ryan Pickett is still a viable option for the job. I personally would like to see Pickett drop a couple pounds in the off season.

Behind him we have Justin Harrell, and I know he's injury prone. He has had an ankle injury, and a torn biceps in his senior season with Tennessee. I feel though that we haven't given him time to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Give him at least one more year before we give up on him.

That being said, the 3-4 defense can work with Jenkins and Orakpo on the edge. Start Pickett at the nose, with Harrell backing him up. They already said Kampman's an OLB, so then you add Nick Barnett, Brady Poppinga, A.J. Hawk, and Brandon Chillar. You have a recipe for nastiness.

Look for the Packers to rebound on defense, with the draft this year. Lets hope they pick the right guy.