TNA Slammiversary: Has Sting Been Successful One Too Many Times?

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2012

Courtesy of TNA
Courtesy of TNA

The main event at Slammiversary will be Bobby Roode defending the Heavyweight Championship against multi-time champion the Icon Sting.

Skip this paragraph if you’ve heard this before: Sting returns and becomes the Heavyweight Champion, or Sting loses the title and leaves, or Sting wrestles for a season and disappears.

Sting is TNA’s resident part-time performer.

Allow me to argue the good and the bad in this arrangement.

The good is simply that Sting is not half as bad as you read about him online. Many readers will tell me he’s old, which is fair enough. But some like to knock his performances, and when you actually watch them, they are not bad.

For the most part, people don’t like him taking a spot from a younger star, but I’m not sure how true this is. (If it wasn’t Sting, would it necessarily be the guy you want it to be?)

Concerning the bad, however, for a part-time wrestler to be beneficial, he has to have a good reason to be back.

Some might argue Sting does, as he wants revenge on Bobby Roode. Sometimes, however, he sort of just comes back.

Shawn Michaels was the best at being a part-time wrestler because he knew how to have emotionally heavy programs. He was always losing something: all his money or even his smile.

I would suggest, if TNA is to keep Sting around going forward, that they try to invest him in storylines that are big and relevant and matter outside of championship purposes.

But as for Sting versus Bobby Roode?

The title of this piece is sort of a play on words.

I ask if Sting has been too successful in a generic way, as if it spans his entire history in TNA. As this always comes up in articles about Sting, if you want to talk about it in that greater context, have at it. I will enjoy reading your thoughts.

But there is a second matter.

So close to Slammiversary, I wonder if TNA tipped their hand on what will happen between Sting and Bobby Roode.

First off, Sting has defeated Bobby Roode the last two weeks, with a grinning Hulk Hogan somewhere in the background.

But we also saw on Impact that general manager Hulk Hogan is not investing all his chips in Sting. In Hulk Hogan’s Anyone but Bobby Roode campaign, he has now set up a No. 1 contender’s match at Slammiversary between Mr. Anderson, RVD and Jeff Hardy.

Those are men more fit to face Bobby Roode than the Stinger.

And with Sting getting the win in the lumberjack match and in the six-man tag, one has to ask the question: Has Sting been successful one too many times?

Did he get his wins out of the way because he will suffer defeat at the hands of Bobby Roode?

With the Bobby Roode-Hulk Hogan issue becoming more confrontational than ever, I would say the answer is yes.

It seems that Bobby Roode may well live to provoke Hulk Hogan another day.

And with Mr. Anderson, RVD, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and even the general manager all eying Bobby Roode, the TNA Champion may be more valuable now than he has been at any point in his record-breaking title reign.