Los Angeles Dodgers: Are They Serious Players for Jorge Soler?

Christopher BenvieCorrespondent IIJune 11, 2012

Well, if this isn't a sign that the Frank McCourt era is truly over in Los Angeles, I'm not sure what is.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been rumored to have interest in trying to sign Jorge Soler, the 20-year-old Cuban outfielder. This rumor would be non-existent with McCourt around as he would be busy sitting on his thumbs not pumping money in to signing impact free agents for the blue.

That all has changed.

I'm not going so far as to say that the team will actually sign Soler, but the fact that they're kicking the tires is a good sign in my book.

From the reports floating out there, Soler is not quite as refined as Yoenis Cespedes, the other Cuban-born player taking up residency in Oakland. Cespedes signed a four-year deal with the A's in the neighborhood of $36 million.

Soler is expected to sign for at least $20 million over four years, but it would not surprise anyone if his contract ended up being richer than that of Cespedes.

While in my opinion it would not be money wisely spent at this point, I am inspired by the willingness to spend it.

If the Dodgers are truly in on Soler, that means they will not be shy when it comes to signing other sought-after free-agents; especially considering the biggest prize of the fall will be Josh Hamilton, who has yet to extend his contract with the Texas Rangers.

Would it be nice to see the blue land Soler? Of course it would, but at the right price. Being, well, new to the whole big-money free agency pool, they need to spend wisely and not get hampered down with bad contracts.