Roger Federer: What Fed-Ex Must Do at Wimbledon to Redeem French Open Failure

Ralph Longo@ IIIJune 1, 2015

PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 08:  Roger Federer of Switzerland looks dejected in his men's singles semi final match against Novak Djokovic of Serbia during day 13 of the French Open at Roland Garros on June 8, 2012 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

After Roger Federer's failure at the French Open, in which he was bounced out by Novak Djokovic in straight sets, the Swiss tennis star will be looking to make a comeback at Wimbledon and make a final run at a major tennis championship.

Federer isn't getting younger as he nears 31 years of age, which might as well be 51 in tennis, but there's a chance he can get back on top and redeem himself. 

First, due to Federer's age, the two weeks he's going to have off are going to be crucial if he is to redeem himself and emerge victorious, or at least make the finals, at Wimbledon. Federer must use these two weeks to first rehab any lingering injuries he has and get his body as ready as it can possibly be for Wimbledon. 

As already stated, Federer is an old man in the sport of tennis, so getting as healthy as he possibly can be will be extremely important. Although he isn't injured, he's definitely at least run down. If he can go into Wimbledon feeling at or close to 100 percent, he'll have a great chance to play at a very high level. 

Also in Federer's favor is that Wimbledon has historically been his best tournament, being that he's won there six times. Considering he's won 16 major titles, it's clear that Federer likes to play on the grass. He'll feel at home and will be as comfortable as ever as he attempts to win his seventh Wimbledon title. 

But at the end of the day, the most important thing for Federer is that in order to redeem himself, he must be in the right mental state for Wimbledon. He must turn his disappointment at the French Open into a motivational tool and not dwell or look down on his performance. 

Anytime a great champion like Federer is ousted from a tournamentin straight sets, no lessthey're bound to be shocked and will probably be questioning themselves. Federer can't do this. He has to say to himself that that was just a one-time thing and shake it off, saying to himself that Djokovic is beatable and that he can't be afraid if he has to play him again. 

As long as he is able to either put Djokovic breezing past him in the back of his mind or use it to motivate him to play even better, Fed-Ex has a great chance to be very successful in a couple of weeks at Wimbledon. 

I hope that Federer meets Djokovic in this tournament. It will be fascinating to see how he plays against an opponent who dominated him like no one else has. Will Federer fold to Djokovic, or will he show grit and pull out a victory? 

It should be exciting to see. 

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