Why The Chicago Cubs Will Not Win The 2009 World Series

Tony BishopCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

A few days ago I received an e-mail written by Rory from B/R asking for a top ten of reasons that this is the Cubs year (again). I put together a few drafts of different styles and whatnot but nothing seemed right and I just realized why.

The Chicago Cubs aren't going to win the World Series.

I'm as optimistic as any other Cubs fan out there, but quite frankly, I don't like the way this team is put together. Instead of ten reasons the Cubs will win this year, I came up with a bunch of reasons that they won't.

I don't understand why GM Jim Hendry got rid of Mark DeRosa in favor of Aaron Miles.

I don't know why the Cubs have 37 mediocre pitchers fighting for the 11 bullpen slots not taken up by Carlos Marmol.

Time will tell if trading away Rich Hill (for a player to be named later) and Michael Wuertz (for a couple of minor leaguers) is going to pay off. I still like Wuertz and if Hill gets out of his own head, he's going to be a very good pitcher.

I don't know why Milton Bradley is the left-handed bat they've been looking for when Micah Hoffpauir proved last year that he can hang with the big boys.

Speaking of Bradley, I've got $20 that Carlos Zambrano punches him in the dugout before the All-Star break.

I'm "OK" with the Joey Gathright signing. They're not paying him much and I guess he's a threat to steal bases if he doesn't get hurt first.

I didn't understand how he lasted this long in the Cubs organization, but I'm glad that Jason Marquis is gone. I'm just mad that the best they could get back was Luis Vizcaino who is in his sixth city in as many years (and for good reason).

I don't know why Ronny Cedeno is now in Seattle or why he was used to get a less-than-average Aaron Heilman.

This is the first year that every time Hendry made a move, my jaw dropped.. and not in a good way. Generally I've loved his ability to make good deals and get good players but he's taken a step back.

This year I expect the Cubs to be worse than last year. This year I think they fight desperately for a wild-card berth.

For the first time in a long time, my expectations for the Cubs are lower than the year before.

And knowing the Cubs, they will prove me wrong and win it anyway.