Jeffrey Earnhardt: Bad Boy or Disinterested?

David PhillipsAnalyst IFebruary 10, 2009

Jeffrey Earnhardt is the son of Kerry Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s grandson.). He runs in the Camping World East series.

Earnhardt lived in a rented house in Mooresville, NC. He was pulled from the last two races of his season by DEI and replaced by Aric Almirola and Curtis Truex, because he just "didn't show up" to work for nearly a week, no call, no nothing. 

That's what they kept hush hush, but that's what Jeffrey told my secret informant.

Here is one of the quotes from the informant "Everything I told you came straight from him.  I had told him several times, as had others, if he continued to throw those wild parties with alcohol and continued to have so many underage people there he would get in trouble."

A few months ago the Mooresville Police Department did come by his rented home at Wilford St. and gave him a warning—then it happened again. 

This last time, he was evicted and is now living with a friend named George and his mom and dad. Jeffrey has a long history of not getting along with his own family.

According to my source, he refused to go to Thanksgiving dinner with them, if that gives you an idea of the issues there.

He does expect everything will just fall in place due to his name. He doesn't work for it like other drivers and takes a lot of risks in his personal life such as: driving while drinking and house parties. 

This seems to be his attitude: "I'm an Earnhardt they can't touch me."

Jeffrey is 19-years-old, by the way. If I were a sponsor, I would be very hesitant to fund him. He is a ticking bomb. I think this is what is happening right now.

I'm not sure who is sponsoring his East ride, but I do know, my informant told me that DEI told him he was on his own in finding sponsors, "they didn't have time to help him," the person said.

As long as he drives for SOMEONE, anyone, any kind of car any kind of race, he stays on his contract and still gets paid the same. In my opinion, they are just keeping him on board and out of site a bit to appease him and honor what I'm sure his grandfather's wishes would have been.

I think they are aware of his wild, law breaking behavior and wary of it, thus they haven't invested a lot of time or effort in him.He has only talked to Theresa once in the past three years and that was in the DEI cafeteria when someone came down to the shop to tell him she was there and he should really go thank her for the contract.

INTERESTING story, interesting guy.

Most people in Mooresville already know all of these facts about him, but as with him getting pulled over in early September/October, they keep it hush hush. 

Fact is, this is impacting his career big time. My source says these are the facts: Jeffrey Earnhardt was pulled from his last two races last year because, as usual, he WAS in trouble. He partied for a week straight, didn't show up to work and DEI put the pressure on his dad to yank him or they were going to reconsider his contract. 

He has the contract mainly as a "courtesy" because he is an Earnhardt. So., in keeping with his reputation, he got evicted from his home. My Source was not 100 percent sure if it was owned by Theresa or not, I don't have the facts on that.

He has had so many parties with lots of underage drinking. My source says they where there, and the cops have come on several occasions, the last one was the straw that broke the camel's back, landlord said enough!

So his relationship with his dad is so bad, he is living with a friend, George right now.

To keep with the theme of this—he also lost several huge sponsorship offers because he didn't follow through by submitting the paperwork or a CD promo package, PowerPoint or anything.

He left for a week without giving anyone at DEI notice and went hunting when he was supposed to be completing his info packet for Sean Cassels, who owns the SK modified car he drove at the North-South Shootout in Concord last November. 

They were hopeful of Nationwide sponsorships, but Jeffrey blew it with his bad boy behavior and lack of any work ethic, simply getting them the paperwork they asked for.

Earnhardt had another deal in the works with SKIN and he did the same thing. According to my source he never sent in the paperwork so they dropped him like a hot potato.

Jeffrey has a history of wild parties with under 18 people, not showing up for work, not calling anyone and just takin' off without giving notice and it's beginning to get noticed.

Jeffrey's not exactly a 'BAD BOY" He's more like a disinterested, irresponsible, wreck-less boy who just will not learn from his mistakes and they are costing him big time.

He has two more years on his contract I think, IF he lasts that long. 

DEI is so disinterested in him, they refused to help him put together a sponsorship package back in November. The company told him they weren't worried about him, if he wanted to stay in his contract, he'd better find a sponsor himself.

My source was unsure who picked him up for the East Series this year, but someone must have. They are friends with another driver who is getting sponsorship offers from some of the same people who've had enough of Jeffrey.

My Source says "Just time to let the cat out of the bag."