WWE No Way Out: Does CM Punk Dig Crazy Chicks More Than the WWE Title?

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIJune 16, 2012

Courtesy of WWE
Courtesy of WWE

At No Way Out, CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against both Daniel Bryan and Kane. Normally those odds would be enough to threaten any world champion, but there is nothing normal about this match.

It won’t be the triple threat rules that demand the most attention in this one, nor will it be the crafty Daniel Bryan or the Big Red Monster Kane.

It will be the presence or lack thereof of A.J. Lee that will take space in most our brains. It will be the plan she does or doesn’t have; it will be her sanity or lack thereof.

CM Punk said he digs crazy chicks. I just wonder how much.

Does he dig them more than he digs being the WWE Champion and the man on RAW?

There are indications that the answer to this question might be yes.

It is CM Punk, more than anyone else in the match, who is responsible for the recent presence of A.J. in the main event scene. She has been playing him—er, making plays for his attention—for some time now.

She got close enough to talk to him and trained him not to look the other way. She got close enough to whisper in his ear, to touch the Champion, and to make the kind of eye contact that made it seem as if they were the only two in the arena.

She wears his T-shirt and is his tag team partner.

It makes me wonder if we can find his weakness in his catchphrase. CM Punk is the voice of the voiceless and who has led less of a voice in the last few months than A.J.?

She was reduced to nothing by Daniel Bryan. When Divas sought to console her, she used her fists rather than her words.

And for SmackDown after SmackDown (not just the name of the show but the way Daniel Bryan verbally abused her) A.J. has never truly gotten the revenge most of us thought was coming at the prior two PPVs.

But CM Punk has done more than give voice to the voiceless. He has given A.J. the power to be the wild card that may well determine who leaves No Way Out as WWE Champion.

Just on RAW, CM Punk heard A.J. say you never get over your first love, and he still keeps A.J. around. (That’s okay—he digs crazy chicks.)

He has seen her do a vertical leap and stick to Kane that is still stuck in the front of my brain. He saw her follow it up with a make-out session that almost turned the WWE rating up a notch! (But…that’s okay…CM Punk digs crazy chicks.)

But how much does he dig them?

Enough to jeopardize his standing in WWE?

This match brings with it the most interesting storyline in the WWE at this moment. It is one that has grown and developed slowly.

It is one that I could see going three or more different directions and there would be ample story to make it make sense. But who would have guessed that the storyline that makes the most sense would be based around someone who may have lost hers.

A.J. might be the puppet master at No Way Out.

She has access to all the strings. (Hell, she used them to tie Daniel Bryan to the tracks on the poster.)

But does she have control of herself?

Does she have a plan?

Does she have a favorite?

I have no great guess on this, and furthermore, as Daniel Bryan referenced on SmackDown, If she did have a favorite, would she cost him while trying to help him?

There is an image from the same SmackDown that I will never forget.

Kane is in the ring and A.J. is on the ramp. She begins to laugh and he tilts his head, as if he—the monster—can’t take in what is happening before him.

I said one thing while watching that: A.J. Lee is scarier than Kane. There remains something inside her that has not gone off but will. It may very well happen at No Way Out.

And if it does, for better or worse, it was set loose in the main event by CM Punk.

But…hey, that’s okay: CM Punk digs crazy chicks.

But will he feel the same after No Way Out?