WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: What We Learned from Layla's Win over Beth Phoenix

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2012

Photo Source: WWE.com
Photo Source: WWE.com

Layla continued her impressive return from injury with a successful Divas Championship defense over Beth Phoenix on Sunday night at No Way Out.

Layla’s win proves that the creative team has enough faith in her to allow her another month with the title.

The 2006 Diva Search winner has greatly improved between the ropes, and it shows in her matches with Phoenix.

While Sunday’s match was not as smooth as the first bout a month ago at Over the Limit, Layla showed that she is determined to give the people something more than they'd expect from a Diva.

Layla’s win also proves that the company sees Beth Phoenix as the type of bulletproof performer that they can trust to carry less-experienced Divas to a quality match on a pay-per-view.

Phoenix is a very consistent wrestler.

Winning the match at No Way Out would have done little for her, but by losing, she can help put over new talent while continuing to build her legacy.

Was Layla’s win any more important than her win last month? No.

Will the face of the Divas division change based on Layla’s win? Absolutely not.

For the time being, the win erased any notion that Layla was a placeholder champion.

For a company struggling to create new stars, a match capable of continuing the build of a relatively fresh star can only be a good thing.