RB5: Adrian Newey Has Delivered

Chris MasieroCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Perhaps it may be incorrect to attribute to one man, the massive undertaking it must be to design a modern F1 car.  So many designers, engineers, CPU cycles, carbon fiber and HB pencils must go into what is the pinnacle of automotive form and function.

Yet, it must be said, that the effect of being directed, guided and instructed by arguably the greatest F1 designer of our time transcends what we imagine of an individual.

The RB5 has the legendary hallmarks of a breakaway vision—the kind of vision that Adrian Newey has built his legendary career on.  Some might rightly question my presumptions and point out how little we know of this years contenders, with no real data make such definitive statements.  But here me now—Newey has delivered.

This car is not just new evolution of a design to suit new restriction, it almost seems like the restrictions have been made to fit the car.  The advanced triple element base wing, deeper than many, curved at the ends, gives tire shielding, downforce and even realising some channeled airflow along the wheel between the wing elements.  

The tall, razor like hawk nose, a vision of pride and speed—with sidepods pushed deep towards the rear as the front spreads out.  This car doesn't cuddle up to the wind with soft corners, she attracts them with a sharpness so lacking from the current generation.

A master stroke of design brings back a forgotten pull rod suspension—cleaning the air, almost winglet like, lowering components, lowering the center of gravity, tightening the back end up and allow the wishbones to attain perfect connection above the cars bodywork.

And diffusers...the one element that other designers had truly innovated (Williams and Toyota) is yet again implemented wonderfully on the RB5 by forming what seems like a four element rear wing (considering the tight backend package, this was a brilliant solution with more limited space the the Toyota or Williams).

I wont go over the sneaky heat shielding, or the so very tricky venting, but I will go over one more little detail.

The carbon fiber base is etched faintly with chequered flags, linking to red bull's first season when they entered into F1 full of passion and dreams of making their mark on the F1 world.  

This year, Red Bull has perhaps the best driver pairing in F1 and they are about to be delivered with the car that will realise the dream that begun four years ago.