NBA Finals 2012: Random Thoughts from Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals

Clarence Baldwin Jr@2ndclarenceAnalyst IJune 22, 2012

Finally, a champion
Finally, a championMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

*LeBron James: NBA Champion. It's over—and emphatically at that. The Heat took James' lead and jumped all over the Thunder, rolling (no pun intended) to their second title in franchise history. Before the game, James stated he had a "Game 7 mentality," and it definitely showed. But he most certainly did not lack for help.

*Mike Miller, welcome to the 2012 NBA playoffs. He was simply, in the words of Dr. Evil, "liquid hot magma." In 23 minutes played, he scored 23 points. Miller was seven of eight from beyond the arc. After Game 4, I wondered how Mario Chalmers' shooting would stretch the Thunder defense. It turned out that Mike Miller completely busted the fabric. 

*Oklahoma City's defense was atrocious. Miami seemed to get every shot it wanted. The proof is in the final numbers: 121 points on 52% shooting and 14 of 26 from the three-point line. There just did not seem to be an adjustment. At no point was there a zone or reaction to Miller or even a trap. It was the same style, and by this game, Miami had more than made the adjustments to it. 

*After one of the most gutty performances in NBA Finals history, Russell Westbrook laid an egg. It was not just the 4 for 20 shooting he put up. There were plenty of open shots that just did not go down. The decision-making was definitely the "Bad Russell" that people have always worried about when discussing the Thunder. Too many ill advised plays, especially since he officially was only credited with two turnovers. 

*Erik Spoelstra is not the best coach in the NBA. But right now, he is the coach of the best team in the NBA. And much like K.C. Jones in the mid-1980's, he stands to benefit from a great team and win multiple championships in this league. But credit has to be given to him for keeping this team focused on the final goal. Miami was flat out mediocre going into the playoffs but, to their credit, were able to turn it around.