Josh Hamilton: A True Hero

Dan Shedd@@dshedd41Contributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Historically, Major League Baseball has had its fair share of great moments and great players.  However, the sport has also dealt with a great deal of controversy, from the throwing of games to the steroid era.

But let's step aside and look at the positive side of baseball. By now, you have probably heard of Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.  Hamilton, a former number one pick turned drug addict, is now one of best players in baseball.

Hamilton's story is definitely not one that will lose its luster, because we've all had turbulent times in our lives, and Josh shows us that through faith and love from his friends and family, anything is possible.

Hamilton did what every kid would do with the kind of money he received when drafted out of high school—he spent it almost everywhere.

Unfortunately, much of his spending led to a lifestyle that nearly took his life.  Hamilton hit rock bottom and he didn't know where to turn—so he turned to faith. With the help of his faith, family, and friends, he was able to overcome his addictions and start fresh. 

I know this may be short and sweet, but I feel we all know what Hamilton went through and how he got out of it.  What we should also know is, when nothing seems to get you out of a jam, faith will, and can, get you out of things that seem impossible. It doesn't matter what religion you are, you just have to find faith in some thing or someone that will guide you out of the darkness—and into the light.