The Difference in Denver

landis claytonContributor IFebruary 12, 2009


Chaos: noun (Ka-os)-A state of extreme confusion and disorder.

The first definition that comes up on a web search, and the definition of the Denver Nuggets before the trade that changed the future of the franchise.

Experts in 20 years will call the transaction, "the best trade in NBA history."

Not because of the 18.0 points per game along with 6.2 assists per game. It's not because of the tradition that he has in the great city of Denver either. It's also not the fact that 53 games into the season, Chauncey Billups is an All-Star representing the Denver Nuggets in a conference dominated by some of the most sensational point guards the league has ever seen...

It's much more than that.

Simply put: Chauncey Billups is a winner.

The only winner this team will ever need, and the only reason the Denver Nuggets are now poised for a legitimate championship run.

"Championship run you say?"


Chauncey Billups has changed this team. He has changed the way the Denver Nuggets play basketball, and he has no one in the world to thank but himself.

He is the alpha dog among a pack of hungry wolves. Wolves that without him are disorganized, dysfunctional, and most of all, lost.

With a positive attitude and unprecedented leadership, Billups has influenced the play of fellow teammate Carmelo Anthony. Though Melo's numbers are down from last year, his efficiency on the court has made the difference.

I wont bring up any numbers; just watch a game.

The only numbers that matter right now to Melo and the Denver Nuggets is the 36-17 record that currently holds them first in the Northwest Division, and third in the ultra-competitive conference of the West.

No longer will the Denver Nuggets be, "the most talented team that never got passed the first round." They will win, and they will win in a glorious manner.

And Denver will tip it's hat to you Chauncey Billups, because you truly made the Difference in Denver.