Bubble Watch Week in Review: Winners and Losers

T.R. PetersonCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

The bubble picture is starting to take shape as several teams have fallen out of the picture.  Teams such as Mississippi State, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and St. Mary’s would need a miracle finish to get any at-large attention.


There are a couple of questions that will become interesting for the committee to answer should they happen.


What if Siena does not win the MAAC tourney?  Do they warrant consideration with no top-50 wins?  That will be an interesting question for the committee.


What happens if St. Joseph’s wins the A-10?  Do the Hawks deserve some attention?  Thursday night’s loss to Temple may have prevented this scenario, but it is still something to talk about.


Here are the winners and losers from this week. As always, comments are welcome.


Next edition will be Monday.  All RPI and SOS numbers taken from realtimerpi.com.








By beating San Diego State, the Utes have put themselves solely into first place in the wacky Mountain West.  Utah already has solid RPI and SOS numbers, so a conference title would make them automatic at this point.






Make it six wins in a row for the Wildcats as they improve to 7-5 in the Pac-10.  Considering they are fighting USC for an at-large spot, Thursday night's win over the Trojans was huge.






It is hard to say what would have happened to Kentucky if they would have lost to Florida on Tuesday.  The win solidified the Wildcats as an at-large team at this point and should give them some momentum heading into their road games at Arkansas and Vanderbilt.


Other winners: Cincinnati, BYU, Wisconsin, Kansas State, New Mexico, Providence, UNLV






San Diego State


The Aztecs dropped a critical game against Utah that would have given them sole possession of the MWC and a leg up in the bubble picture.  Now, they must battle BYU and UNLV for positioning in the MWC.






The Wolverines have lost two straight and are now 5-7 in the Big Ten after losing to Michigan State.  They must finish at least 4-2 in the final six to get back to .500 in the conference and at least be considered for an at-large spot.




St. Mary’s


The Gaels may have lost their final chance to be considered for an at-large berth after losing to Gonzaga Thursday night.  The committee does give some weight to a team when a star player is hurt, but not that much.  Just ask Dayton last year.


Other losers: Penn State, Tulsa, Mississippi State, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Boston College, West Virginia, St. Joseph’s, USC