Dave WalkerCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

So, here we are in mid February, and the talk of who is in and who is out is heating up. RPIs and conference rankings, along with what color of shoes the team wears, will be under the microscope. I have to say, in my humble opinion, the talk is all a bunch of crap.

The bottom line is a team someone like a Joe Lunardi of says is in now, could lose the next three or four, and be NIT bound when it is over. Another team that is out right now, could go on a run and win out and get an at large. Bottom line, it is way too early to be playing gypsy in the college basketball season.

Example being last night's Northwestern-Illinois game. The brilliant commentators made a comment that, "if Northwestern finishes .500 or better, they will get in." Bullshevick!

Granted, I am a Northwestern fan, but teams that barely get to .500 in their conference don't belong, and why even make a prediction like that, especially with 7-8 conference games and a conference tournament left.

I am sure many of you will disagree with me about all this "hype". But, as a fan, I want to be the one thinking, "Will this team get in, what seed will they be, and Northwestern is NIT bound."

I am so sick of the experts like a Duke Vitale, whoops I mean Dick Vitale, telling me who is in. Just keep your pie hole closed until we get to the end of the regular season and into conference tournaments.

Again, feel free to comment on this. I am sure some will agree to a point, and some will think I am just a bitter a-hole, not to be confused with an A-Rod.